What’s the Difference Between Sound Editing and Sound Mixing?

What’s the Difference Between Sound Editing and Sound Mixing? The use of sound in filmmaking is incredibly important. As various sounds can add a level of realism and value to the story. When you think about sound in a film, you probably initially think about the dialogue or people speaking and you might think about […]

What’s the Difference Between Synchronous vs Asynchronous Sound in Film?

When we think about the various sounds that occur in filmmaking it’s important to understand how each sound can add value to the emotional connections that the audience feels with the film and its characters. As well as to understand the ways the sound can make a film appear more realistic. Sound effects, especially those […]

What is Cognitive Film Theory?

Film theories are largely based on the ways that films make the audience feel, how they are delivered, how they are produced. Or how they create meaningful engagements. Cognitive film theory, for example, is largely based on a focus on the experience and reaction of the audience. Specifically in relationship to the film content and […]

What is Classical Film Theory?

Understanding the basics of film theory is important. Whether you’re an aspiring filmmaker or someone that simply thrives on having background knowledge on various subjects. Film theory represents a scholarly approach to the psychoanalysis of film or cinema. Classical Film Theory represents one of several “theories”. That have been derived over time to represent unique […]

What is Film Structure?

What is Film Structure

Film structure is typically composed of three acts. Which are more widely represented or understood as the three-act structure in film. Sometimes we hear the term “film structure”. Also being used to reference narrative structure. In this case, when film structure is being used to reference narrative structure in film. It simply states the method […]

What is an Abby Singer Shot in Video?

What is an Abby Singer Shot in Video? The term “Abby Singer” is referenced frequently in filmmaking. But if you’re a new or aspiring filmmaker that’s just entering the film industry. You’re probably wondering, “What is an Abby Singer shot in video?” You’re not alone! It’s actually pretty common for new filmmakers to question the […]

What is Film Adaptation?

What is Film Adaptation_

A film adaptation is the term often used to announce the transfer of a story or literary work into a whole, or partial, feature film. You might have heard the term “film adaptation” used before, and wondered, “What is film adaptation?” Film adaptations commonly take place when a book is adapted or a poem or […]

Understanding the Three Act Structure Film

Understanding the Three Act Structure Film The three act structure in film represents a unique method of screenplay writing and storytelling. That has been used for centuries to deliver a story to the desired audience. The definition of the three-act structure basically states that the three-act structure is a narrative that divides a story into […]

What is the Kuleshov Effect?

What is the Kuleshov Effect? The Kuleshov effect is commonly referred to in editing and filmmaking. But as an aspiring filmmaker who’s just starting out if you were to hear the term “Kuleshov effect,” you probably would find yourself wondering, “What is the Kuleshov effect?” And what does this even mean? It’s perfectly okay to […]