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What is an Abby Singer Shot in Video?

The term “Abby Singer” is referenced frequently in filmmaking. But if you’re a new or aspiring filmmaker that’s just entering the film industry. You’re probably wondering, “What is an Abby Singer shot in video?” You’re not alone! It’s actually pretty common for new filmmakers to question the various terms and lingo. That are used to describe shots, actions, or individual events taking place on the film set or in the studio. 

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Abby Singer is the term used to describe a shot that is the second-to-last shot of the entire film. Now, you’re probably thinking, “Why not just say, we’re almost done, or this is the second-to-last shot?”

The term is used after the professional, Abby Singer, who would put incredible emphasis into that second-to-last shot of the day, and of the film. His crew would eventually coin the term while Abby himself never actually called it the “Abby Singer.”

Why Call it the Abby Singer Shot?

What’s the point? Why not just say, “second to last?” That’s what many wonder. But the reality is, this is just a term that came to be known over time as a result of the passion that this particular filmmaker had and his impact on the set.

Abby would often repeat the following phrase, while working on the film or television set, ahead of the final shot, he would say, “This and one more.” Basically leading the team to understand that the work was almost done, but that they must continue to put in 100% until the finish.

This and One More

The Abby Singer Shot would be the term used to describe the penultimate (second-to-last) shot of the day, of a particular location, of a specific setup or scene, or of an entire film.

But don’t find yourself calling the second-to-last shot anywhere, anyhow the Abby Singer Shot!

Today, the term “Abby Singer Shot” is almost exclusively used to describe the second-to-last shot of an entire shooting day or an entire film.

Why is the Abby Singer Shot so Important?

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What is it that makes the second-to-last shot, the penultimate shot, so important that it would have such focus and even a term named after it?

Not only is the Abby Singer Shot a tradition on the film set, it’s also important because announcing the penultimate shot serves the following functions:

  • It awakens an otherwise exhausted cast and crew. Giving them a second wind and the ability to push through just a little bit longer.
  • It provides a chance for other crew members to start reflecting on the efficacy of the work that was performed throughout the day.
  • It offers a glimpse at whether the film day was productive (or not). Are we on schedule, ahead of schedule, behind schedule?
  • It provides a breaking point for crew members that will no longer be needed for the day. Allowing them to begin breaking down the set or organizing transportation if they are no longer needed.

The Home Stretch

The Abby Singer, or penultimate, shot thus is the second-to-last shot of the day or of the entire film. And signifies a project near complete. Which provides the film crew and cast with a breath of fresh air. Knowing that they just need to push through a little bit longer. 

Don’t just take our word for it, hear about the Abby Singer shot from Abby Singer himself!