6 Types of Social Media Marketing Videos to Amplify Your Business

There’s no doubt, video is a powerful tool for brands that are interested in growing their business online. The production of social media marketing videos to improve audience reach, generate engagement and maximize traffic to your website is a practice that about 90% of businesses are already actively engaging in. In fact, the statistics overwhelmingly confirm that social media marketing videos are incredibly useful for businesses, but just in case you need proof, consider the following:

  • Digital video content makes up more than 82% of all internet traffic as of 2022. 
  • 9 out of 10 customers say that video has helped them make purchase decisions.
  • 64% of consumers state that seeing branded video content makes them more likely to buy.
  • Social media marketing videos are shared 1200% more than text or static images combined.
  • Posts with video hold audience attention 7 times longer than posts without video.

Hopefully these statistics have convinced you that video is the best option or tool you have in your marketing arsenal! And, if you’re totally convinced that social media marketing videos are the way to go, and you’re just wondering what types of videos you should create to get started, we’ve got a list for you!

These 6 types of social media marketing videos are the best tools you have to amplify your business, grow your brand, and generate consistent revenue.  

  1. Introduction Videos

These include brand introductions, product introductions, and service introductions. They are a great way to grow awareness around your business and to increase audience recognition for your brand. Introduction videos can be used to explain your business or brand, to define your products and services, or to otherwise introduce consumers to the offering that your business provides. Typically, these types of social media marketing videos are about one minute long and they pack a powerful punch of information that represents top of the funnel awareness style content that is incredibly useful for building your brand.

Just checkout the introduction video by Dollar Shave Club. It cost less than $5,000 to produce and resulted in incredible overnight growth for the brand. 

  1. Event Videos

Another great option businesses have when it comes to producing social media marketing videos is the production of event videos. Event videos can encompass a variety of different types of content including event introductions or announcements that can build awareness and hype around an upcoming event, or event recaps that show off what happened at an event and can build hype around future events of a similar type. 

The use of event videos to grow your business is something that many brands are turning to, particularly as the popularity of hybrid and virtual events continues to rise. Use event videos to offer audiences a sneak peak into an upcoming event and to provide rundowns of past events.

  1. Behind-the-Scenes Videos

BBP camera crew 1-10

One of the best ways to grow your brand is to show off how committed you are both in-front of your audience and behind-the-scenes of your business. That’s why behind-the-scenes videos are another popular type of social media marketing content that brands can benefit from. Consumers enjoy seeing what goes on behind the scenes of a business, particularly as missions and core values play out in everyday processes and procedures. 

These social media marketing videos represent a great opportunity to create consumer connections between your company and to show your team at work. You can also incorporate employee testimonials to maximize value while showing off a bit of your corporate culture, too.

  1. Instructional Content & How-to Videos 

It’s no secret, the most searched for topic when it comes to videos is “How-to” whether it’s how-to braid hair or how-to fix a car or how-to clean a computer, the options are literally endless. If you’re just getting started with social media marketing videos, how-to video content is probably one of the best options you have for you getting your brand noticed online. Show off how to get the most out of your products and services, how to solve problems associated with your brand, or a host of other useful instructions that your audience can benefit from and you’ll not only amplify your business, but you’ll create a happy community of followers, too.

  1. Testimonial Videos

While you might not think of a testimonial video as your go to for social media marketing videos, there are benefits to this type of content, even in your social media profiles. Testimonial videos are short, easy to produce, and very cost effective. Sharing consumer testimonials across your social media profiles will help you to build a strong rapport for your business while maximizing the level of trust consumers have for your online. This is a great way for you to incorporate user-generated content into your social media marketing campaigns to maximize overall value of your marketing initiatives.

  1. Interview Videos

Not a job interview, but thought leader interviews! The use of interview videos across your social media platforms will help to build your brand as an industry authority. Consider interviewing your employees, other thought leaders, and industry professionals to build your brand as a niche authority on the subjects relative to your business. These social media marketing videos can be used for Q&A sessions, to build audience understanding of your brand and to maximize your industry authority online.

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