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How Much Does it Cost to Produce a Commercial in Woonsocket?

Ever wondered, “How much does it cost to produce a commercial in Woonsocket?” We hear this frequently. The cost for TV commercial production is ultimately set by your specific requirements. If you’re aiming to broadcast your commercial on local cable via providers like Cox Communications or DirectTV or through Woonsocket broadcast affiliates like ABC WLNE 6 or NBC WJAR 10, we’re here to support you.

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A Woonsocket TV advertisement might cost anywhere from $1,500 to $150,000, depending on various factors. Continue reading for more details, or check out our Woonsocket TV commercial production page for samples and to discuss your project.

30 second TV commercial in Woonsocket

Thinking of a 30-second TV commercial in Woonsocket? If you’re a small business on a budget, seeing competitors on CBS WPRI 12 may be challenging. Don’t fret – act! If you’re in Rhode Island and need a 30-second TV commercial in Woonsocket to compete, we’re here to assist.

The price for a 30-second commercial in Woonsocket can range from $1,500 to $3,500. But, if budget isn’t your primary concern and you’re focused on achieving your vision, just tell us what you need, and we’ll bring it to life.

Know What You Want

The cost to produce a TV commercial in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, really hinges on your specific needs. If you’re uncertain about your requirements, exploring YouTube for similar concepts is a good start.

This will help us understand your vision, allowing us to provide an accurate estimate. Or, feel free to call us for guidance. We film commercials throughout Rhode Island, including in cities like Cumberland, North Smithfield, and Lincoln. Reach out for a free quote today.

You Need High Production Value

For a commercial that truly stands out, high production value is key. So, how much does it cost to produce a high-value commercial in Woonsocket? This can range from $20,000 to $30,000, necessitating actors, makeup artists, a professional crew, a studio, a director, and more.

Producing a Woonsocket TV commercial of this caliber involves many components. For optimal results, you’ll need experienced professionals. A skilled video production company will efficiently manage your TV commercial production costs.

How much does it Cost to air a local commercial in Woonsocket?

After creating your TV spot, the next query is the cost to air a commercial in Woonsocket. The price can vary significantly, from $50 to $20,000 per spot, depending on several variables. If your ad targets the Woonsocket or local Rhode Island TV market, costs can be as low as $50 per 30-second spot.

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For broader reach, like prime time on a national network, costs can exceed $10,000 per 30-second spot. This allows your ad to be seen by a massive audience across your selected regions.

Final Step

Now that you’re informed about the costs of producing and airing a commercial in Woonsocket, there’s still more to do. Each network has its own format and specifications for receiving a completed TV ad. We can produce and deliver your commercial in the required format for local Woonsocket networks. Contact Beverly Boy Productions for a quick quote today!