What is the Final Process of Post Production

What is the Final Process of Post Production?

The final process of post production can make or break the success of a film. After you complete the production of the video, there are just a few steps left to undergo before you release the content to the viewer. If you’ve been wondering “What is the final process of post production?”, it is a vital task if you wish your video success. The majority of post production will be spent tweaking the content. Here’s what you can expect, and feel free to check out our article highlighting tips for having great post production.

Post Production Editing

The first stage of post production is editing. During editing the footage will be joined together and the clips will be edited and processed. Shots are lined up and editing software is used to ensure a professionally produced stream of clips that flow naturally from one to the next.

The editing process can take several days or more depending on the length of the footage. Heavy color correction or changes to lighting can add several steps to the editing process.

Post Production Reshoots

If there are scenes that are simply unable to be corrected with editing, a reshoot will be required. Reshoots can add extensive time to editing and post production and should be avoided if at all possible. In some cases, editing can be done to eliminate a shot, jump it or otherwise avoid reshooting, but not always.

The number of days committed to reshooting footage will depend on how many scenes must be redone and the length of the reshoots. The editor will provide a list of scenes that must be reshot and prepare the crew for next steps.

Post Production Audio

Once scenes have been re-shot, post production audio comes into play. Sound is a vital element to the success of a video. If the sound is not appropriately captured during filming, voiceovers and additional steps will be required to capture the sound and connect it with footage.

Additionally, sound effects must be created to add depth to the audio. Sound effects may include footsteps, door knocks, and other audio effects that are synced with the footage to produce a more vibrant and exciting scene.

Post Production Music

In addition to the sound effects added in post production, music is also added at this time. Your music should be original or you must be sure to have obtained proper rights before using any audio in the film. Most choose to hire a musician or composer to produce unique, custom music for the production. This eliminates the need for any special rights or permissions to use.

Post production music can add a level of emotion to the film. Creating custom music for the production allows full control over the type of music, the lyrics that are included and the sounds that are used for each scene.

Post Production Graphics

The addition of post production graphics such as title, credits and date stamp are added after other edits have been made. Depending on the film, the addition of post production graphics will usually not take very long to complete.

Post Production Trailer Creation

Finally, once all edits have been made a post production trailer of the film can be created. The trailer will represent the film in a 2 and a half minute preview that captures the audience’s attention and makes them want to see the film. The post production trailer can influence the success of the film as this is what entices viewers to watch the full movie.

Film Riot uploaded a video showcasing the average post-production process:

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