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5 Ways to Use Video in Healthcare Practices

The use of video in healthcare practices represents a growing move towards providing viewers what they want — interactive content that helps them learn, grow and achieve their goals. If you’re not already using video in healthcare practices that you are involved in, you’re potentially missing out on a huge audience.

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With more than 54% of patients stating that they prefer to receive healthcare information via video rather than an email or written post, can you really afford NOT to focus some of your efforts on video marketing?

Consider these 5 ways you can use video in healthcare to boost your practice following.

#1. Create Branded Videos in Healthcare

Branded video content can help your healthcare company to produce a stronger, more reputable image that viewers come to recognize and understand as your own.

Video has the power to reach 3X more people and can get up to 20% stronger attention from the audience than a written post can.

So if you really want people to listen, you need to be using video in healthcare messages that you send. Create branded videos for your firm that will nurture the relationships you have with potential patients.

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#2. Include CTAs to Boost Patient Appointments

The use of video to gain new patients is something that few healthcare practices can truly afford to overlook. As you look for ways to use video in healthcare, consider including CTAs (call-to-action) at the end of your video and encouraging new patient appointment booking.

Healthcare practices that show videos and ask for patients to book following a video have seen as many as 80% higher conversion rates. In fact, 74% of patients stated they would be likely to book after watching a video.

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#3. Create Social Teaser Videos

Is your healthcare practice using state-of-the-art procedures to treat patients? If you’re not actively talking about your procedures and the state-of-the-art science that you use to treat patients on social media, you’re missing out on a huge fan base.

Social media teaser videos can help you to grow your website traffic, boost brand recognition for your practice, and increase conversions for your appointment lines. Consider the use of video in healthcare social media strategy a key element for increasing your ROI and social shares.

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#4. Create Patient Testimonials for Social Proof

Not just social proof, but general trust in your practice. Patient testimonials have the power to build trust in your practice to a point in which others will be ready and waiting for an open appointment with your brand.

In fact, the use of patient testimonials is one of the best ways for you to introduce video marketing into your healthcare marketing strategy and get the most out of your content production efforts. Creating a powerful message of trust and compliance begins with a few cleverly crafted patient testimonials.

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#5. Behind the Scenes Videos for Patient Awareness

As you focus on how to use video in healthcare, consider also the creation of behind-the-scenes video content for your brand. This type of content gives you the opportunity to interact with your practice while the camera is rolling so that others can become familiar with your healthcare firm.

Building this type of marketing content for your healthcare practice is a great way to influence consumer decisions and encourage more appointments or purchases with your healthcare practice.

Boost patient awareness and target the more than 40% of patients that say they are more likely to trust a practice after seeing a video! Need help finding ways to use video in healthcare for your firm? Give Beverly Boy Productions a call today at 888-462-7808.