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Top 10 Audience Response Software for Live Streaming

Audience response software is used by event organizers and presenters during live streaming programs to interact with the audience in a variety of different ways. The best audience response software gives presenters and event organizers the ability to use text responses, polls, and multiple-choice questions and answer displays to interact with the audience in real-time.

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This adds a level of interaction and engagement to live streaming that allows the event presenter to capture the opinions or various ideas of those participating in the audience response.

Attendees respond to questions, polls, or text responses when audience response software is used, often alongside various other event management software such as mobile event apps and registration or ticketing tools

These are the top 10 audience response software for live streaming, defined based on ability to:

● Facilitate real-time audience responses
● Accessibility via a web browser, mobile browser, SMS or mobile app
● Visual display of polling results
● Reporting and analytics data relative to audience responses and interactions

1. Slido

Slido audience response software makes the top of the list for its simplicity and ability for organizers to get started with Slido in under a minute. The software allows audience interactions to take place during meetings or events in which live polls and top questions sourced through crowdsourcing are used to drive conversations and engagement among participants.

Core features include:

● Q&A style interaction
● User polls
● Quizzes
● Integration with Google Slides and Slack

2. Poll Everywhere

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Poll Everywhere audience response software is #2 only because it’s slightly more intricate to get started than Slido. Poll Everywhere provides a wide range of interaction opportunities and can be used in meetings, training sessions, classrooms, and basically anywhere live stream video can be captured.

Poll Everywhere takes a few minutes to set up, but once set it has the ability to allow open-response questions to be answered as well as multiple-choice questions and surveys.

Core features include:

● Use of graphs, maps, and photos in polls
● Creation of word cloud with audience responses
● Ease of use just about anywhere.

3. Glisser

Glisser audience response software delivers a unique level of interactive polling and live Q&A sessions that appear on the mobile devices of audience members that participate via slide sharing. Glisser collects a wide range of useful data that you can use during the presentation as well as after your presentation or live stream.

After just a couple minutes of setup, Glisser is ready to be used with your audience and, since there’s no need for additional equipment such as clicker-pads or other expensive tools and the audience doesn’t have to download an app or anything, Glisser fits a wide range of events and meetings even for those less technologically inclined.

Core features include:

● Useful for small, medium, or large groups.
● Does not require a presentation, can be used in quaint chats or big events.
● Shares direct to mobile devices.

4. Crowdpurr

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Crowdpurr audience response software allows event organizers to create interactive experiences during your live stream for your audience. Audience members can take part in live trivia, they can compete against others for IQ leads and share their live rankings with others in real-time. Team modes allow for group interaction and there is even the ability to include image-based questions into your polls.

Core features include:

● Live polling and lead capture in real-time.
● Data exports to Excel.
● Dynamic question and poll formatting including the use of image-based questions.

5. Turning Point

Turning Point Audience response software allows for live polling between audience members during your live streams. Turning Point is a comprehensive program that includes interactive assignment features and unlimited surveys. Turning Point is used in classroom live streams, as well as in situations where live stream is used for business or for fun. The interface is easy to use and allows for multiple options when responding via a mobile device, computer, or clicker.

Core features include:

● Multiple methods of response from mobile, desktop, or clicker device.
● Ability to conduct multiple surveys to tap into the audience’s mind.
● An easy interface can be set up quickly.

6. ThoughtExchange

ThoughtExchange audience response software features the use of AI and machine learning that allows for all responses to be considered by others. Leaders can ask questions of multiple-choice or open-ended response questions and see answers in real-time during the live stream. ThoughtExchange is used by millions of people worldwide.

Core features include:

● Analysis of answers to provide key insights into areas of agreement or disagreement.
● Use data to make an immediate decision without bias.
● Everyone contributes, everyone learns.

7. Pigeonhole Live

Pigeonhole Live audience response software uses interactive Q&A, polls, and surveys during live streams to gather insights for some of the biggest Fortune 500 companies. Pigeonhole Live has been used for over a decade and continues to facilitate conversation and engagement during Live Streaming events today.

Core features include:

● Various session formats including multiple-choice polls, open-ended polls, live Q&A, surveys, quiz with leaderboard, and word cloud polls.
● Entire process is ready in just 10 minutes.
● Brings powerful insights to event organizers in real-time.


File:OMBEA logo (2019).png - Wikimedia Commons

OMBEA audience response software is relatively easy to use and set up. The program displays live feedback in real-time during your live stream following the response to questions or surveys. People’s opinions and core knowledge are used to interact during the live stream with OMBEA software.

Core features include:

● Microsoft PowerPoint Slide Use for Voting.
● Engagement and assessment delivered in Microsoft PowerPoint Slides.
● Easy to use.

9. Qualtrics Target Audience

Qualtrics Target Audience response software helps live stream organizers to understand and interact with their audience by improving the interactions that take place between respondents. Qualtrics Target Audience is highly valuable if you want to generate higher response rates from your audience and gain deeper insights into them.

Core features include:

● Improved research productivity during live streams.
● Better brand perception.
● Higher interaction rates among audience members.

10. MeetingPulse

MeetingPulse audience response software is used to capture interactions during live streams and events in which real-time audience polling, Q&A surveys, and quizzes are delivered. All features are available through anonymous mode when using MeetingPulse which makes it a welcoming audience interaction platform that is accepted by a wide audience.

Used by students and many Fortune 100 companies for live streams, meetings, and events, MeetingPulse has worked with major brands such as Microsoft, Procter and Gamble, Kellogg, and more.

Core features include:

● Instant open on mobile or desktop.
● No downloads required.
● Custom solution for organization, live stream, or national broadcast.

What Will You Use?

Which audience response software will you use during your live stream? Consider any of the above audience response software solutions during your live stream event to capture real-time audience responses and get to know your attendees in a powerful way.

Sometimes, getting instant feedback from your audience can sway the direction of the live stream and, in doing so, allows you to deliver personalized content to your audience. Think of how you can use audience response software to your advantage to tailor your content to your viewers, engaging them, and showing them that you genuinely care about their time and interest.

Start Engaging Your Audiences

Live polls, question and answer sessions, and even open-ended surveys allow audiences to respond to your presentation providing you with valuable insight and feedback that can be used in real-time or later on in your marketing.

If you’re not using audience response software during your live streams, why not? Start delivering live stream events like a Pro! Engage your audience and keep them engaged for the duration while you capture valuable data that you can share with the audience or retain for yourself for other purposes either for use in real-time or whenever you’re ready.

These are the top 10 audience response software programs but many others exist depending on your individual needs, budget, and goals. Start gathering instant audience feedback like the big companies do! You won’t be disappointed!