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Popular Multi Camera Live Streaming Production Techniques and Tools

As a business owner that’s considering a multi-camera live streaming production setup for your business, it’s very important to be thorough and to know what equipment is needed. While there’s a chance that you are already familiar with some of the technical gear involved, many business owners that are initially considering multi-camera live streaming production are not aware of the various hardware, software, and internet requirements that come along with live streaming from your home or office.  

Establishing a multi-camera live streaming production setup that works for your business is generally something that requires the support of a professional crew. To help you get a better understanding of what’s involved, we’ve come up with a list of live streaming production techniques and tools that are required in order for business owners to achieve a multi-camera live streaming production at their home or office. 

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Multi-Camera Live Streaming Production Tools

Before you can achieve a multi-camera live stream you’ve got to acquire all of the essential equipment and tools. This means you’re going to not only need camera gear, but also hardware, software, and a stable internet connection.

The minimum essential equipment that is required in order to film a multi-camera live stream production at your business includes:

  • Multiple high-definition cameras capable of recording video.
  • Tripods to hold cameras.
  • Power supplies for camera gear.
  • A converter box.
  • Microphones to capture appropriate audio of your keynote speakers or the talent that you’re filming.
  • A switcher.

Professionals that opt to frequently produce live video streams with multi-camera systems and specialty software packages should engage a control in order to get the most out of their scenes, overlays, and other elements involved in the stream. While this piece of equipment is an added expense, it brings a ton of added value for the stream.

Sometimes, understanding the different equipment for multi-camera live streaming production is the biggest hassle of the entire project. Keep this in mind as you plan and adjust your broadcasting needs to accommodate the equipment, training and talent that you have.

Multi-Camera Live Streaming Production Techniques

If you’ve never had the experience of filming a multi-camera live stream before, than you may not realize how important certain filmmaking techniques are until you get started. However, there are some very special techniques that professional filmmakers use when producing live video streams to broadcast for business owners like yourself.

If you’re not familiar with the process, and you intend to use panning cameras or you want to have tracked close-ups of your speakers, you’re going to need camera operators. Otherwise, a tripod is going to be sufficient for each of your camera’s filming needs. This is very important to plan ahead of time.

Another consideration is how many video views or specific angles you need or want. In some cases, you can get away with a multi camera live streaming production that incorporates just two camera units to make up the entire broadcast, but if you intend to have a more detailed and up-close approach, you’ll need additional camera units and more equipment in order to pull off the stream.

If your talent will be actively moving around the stage, you’re going to have better live streaming luck if you hire a full-service camera operator to assist you. Likewise, if you’re filming a static speaker, or something like an interview in which your speakers are all seated in a single location for the duration of the presentation, you won’t necessarily need a dedicated camera operator and can likely get away with just setting your cameras up on tripods.

As you can see, when it comes to multi camera live streaming production there are a variety of techniques and tools involved in getting the job done. Most business owners choose to hire a professional live streaming production company to assist with their broadcasting needs, especially when employing multi-camera live streaming production techniques.

If you’re interested in producing a multi-camera live stream, give Beverly Boy Productions a call. We’ll put more than two decades of talent and professional skills to work for your business to produce a professional quality live broadcast that your audience will love. With professionals ready to work with you anywhere in the country as well as in many major cities worldwide, Team Beverly Boy is your multi-camera live streaming production professional. Give us a call to learn more about producing a multi-camera live stream that’s right for your brand!