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Live Stream London Business Meetings 

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Business operations are not what they used to be just a couple of weeks ago. With what has fast become our new reality, COVID-19 has changed the nation with business shutdowns and closed operations. Social distancing is an everyday word and “stay home” is a suggestion that is intended to help flatten the curve. Fortunately for many companies, live streaming has been the saving grace, as it has helped them keep with business meetings and operations, no matter what else may be going on in the corporate world. You may be looking for ways to keep business continuing on as “normal” without endangering your team. This is where the option of having live stream London business meetings could be a great idea for you at this time.  

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Top Social Distancing

Live stream London business meetings make it easy for you to have meetings without endangering anyone by holding meetings in person. COVID-19 may be affecting in-person meetings because of its high infection rate of 3:1 and with social distancing an important factor in preventing a virus surge, you may be wondering how to still hold your important meetings. Fortunately, live stream technology makes it simple for you, as you and your team do your part to flatten the curve of this virus that has wreaked havoc around the world.

With a lot of important meetings coming up, and many second quarter business meetings already scheduled, alternative options to in-person meetings are important to consider. Live streaming your meetings does a lot to protect your team and also shows them how important they are to your company and in the roles that they play.  

Increased Employee Engagement & Meeting Productivity

Staying physically distant from others has been necessary during COVID-19 outbreak. Live streaming your meetings for your company’s team is a great way to maintain your work flow and forward movement while staying safe. Live stream London business meetings are actually a lot more interesting for your team than web conferences and others forms of communication. Studies have shown that business meetings that are livestreamed can actually help business teams have better communication and be able to share ideas in much more effective ways. From sharing feedback and ideas in real time to more concise meeting experiences, there are many ways that live streams can make your meetings more productive than ever—which is something everyone wants!

Here is our live stream reel:

Designed for Big Audiences

Live stream London business meetings and events for larger audiences is a challenge during this time of social distancing and when you have 50+ people to reach, it can seem pretty daunting. Fortunately, live streaming technology can be used to share events with any type of audience, no matter what is going on in the economy today. Live streaming for audiences of 50 to 500 people is possible—especially when you work with a top-notch company.  

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Video On-Demand

Not only is live-streaming helpful for interaction with your team but business meetings that you stream can be recorded for use in the future, as well as for on-demand. This could be a great way to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to grasp ideas and information shared in meetings. They will be able to see the video as may times as is needed. Plus, it’s also a good opportunity to add important graphics, etc. to your content.

Get Started with Live Streaming Business Meetings

Has COVID-19 affected your company? If you want to keep your business moving forward in this time, but don’t know how to use live streaming, our team at Beverly Boy Productions can help. We’ll take care of your live stream London business meetings as soon as you call! We’re ready to help with any meeting you have. Contact us as soon as possible!

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