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Business Broadcasting Tips for Major Industries Affected by COVID-19

Live streaming and business broadcasting have been popular methods of mobile marketing over the past few years but COVID-19 has certainly increased the momentum we’ve seen here as businesses actively work to reach consumers that are practicing social distancing and quarantining themselves and their families at home. As the trend toward business broadcasting expands and businesses continue to seek more popular methods of using business live stream to reach consumers and connect with their audience, we can’t help but to feel as if we should be here to assist. In fact, we’ve compiled a list of ways that business broadcast video can be used in many major industries that have been affected by COVID-19.

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Whether you’re a restaurant owner seeking to connect with family audiences at home to teach them how to prepare recipes that are key to your daily operations in the kitchen or you’re a nail salon seeking to share weekly beauty tips with your valued customers that miss your services, staying connected, especially in times of social distancing, is a must!

Thankfully, the internet makes business broadcasting easier than ever before. With a little help from a business live stream professional, your business can be broadcasting to consumers in no time. Consider the following opportunities to incorporate business live stream video into your everyday routine:

Live Stream Broadcasting for Restaurants

There’s no question that restaurants have been hit hard by COVID-19. Canceled reservations, emptied dining rooms, and once restaurant dine-in options were shut down, take-out orders slowed too as Americans turned to grocery shopping and eating in, all an effort to avoid getting sick with the potentially deadly Coronavirus. As a restaurant owner, you face a balancing act between keeping the outside world aware of your business, while hoping that you can open your doors to diners as soon as possible.

Live stream broadcasting for restaurants represents an opportunity to connect during this challenging time. If you’re trying to keep diners interested in your establishment, whether you’re serving take-out or not during this time, there are a lot of things you can do online to bring your restaurant’s message to consumers. Consider the following live stream options:

  • Show how your meals are made. Choose 1 meal a day and live stream the process of you cooking the meal. Or, choose 1 meal weekly and live stream the entire process of prepping, cooking, and serving the meal.
  • Interview your chef and share the interview via live broadcast. Showcase other members of your restaurant such as the wait staff, servers, or line cooks so that consumers have a better understanding of who it is that makes your restaurant run.
  • Ask and deliver. Consider a live stream event in which you ask consumers what their favorite dish is and then you cook the dish that is favorited by the most people.

Ultimately, you just need to focus heavily on staying connected. Restaurant doors will open soon and consumers will be excited to visit the establishments that they remained most connected with during this challenging time.

Live Stream Broadcasting for B2B Operations

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Business to Business operations can utilize broadcasting and live stream services in various ways during social distancing. While business to business sales may have slowed as a result of the Coronavirus, chances are you’re still seeking ways to keep those relationships alive. Consider the following options to reach businesses via live stream:

  • Provide weekly business tips that are live streamed with the opportunity for a VIP session in which viewers can ask additional related questions to interact with you on the topic.
  • Live stream expert interviews with your employees showcasing the knowledge and power behind your brand.
  • Broadcast customer testimonials from past businesses that you have worked successfully with.

Do what you can do to keep your business relationships growing even if face-to-face communication isn’t possible right now. In due time, business to business operations will flourish once again.

Live Stream Broadcasting for Salons & Spas

Salons and spas have been shut down across the nation as a result of COVID-19 leaving many struggling to pay mortgages or rent on their buildings and trying to determine how they can prevent from losing their clientele when this is all over.

To keep clientele connected during this time, and even when doors to the salon are open and schedules return to normal, consider the following live stream options:

  • Live stream a before and after view of a client. If you can’t have clients in your salon right now due to social distancing, consider giving a family member a makeover and sharing it via live stream so that you can connect with your audience.
  • Broadcast beauty tips for followers and offer at-home methods of hair-care or makeup that clients can use when they can’t visit the salon.
  • Live stream a Question and Answer session in which viewers can interact and ask you about home beauty essentials, makeup, or similar tips.

Your salon may not be open right now, but you still have an opportunity to connect with clients. Extending your ability to use business broadcasting and live stream services to your advantage will help you stay connected with clients during challenging times and throughout the year even when things settle down.

Live Stream Broadcasting for Retail Businesses

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Retailers may have taken the hardest hits during the COVID-19 outbreak. Many have closed doors for upwards of a month already and don’t see any end in near sight. Most are struggling to pay employees and keep building rents covered while doors are closed and revenue has stagnated. Staying connected with consumers, especially for retailers that were not already heavily focused on ecommerce sales has been another major struggle.

But there are a lot of ways that retailers can live stream their business operations or broadcast to consumers to stay connected and involved despite brick and mortar locations being physically closed. If you’re a retail store owner, consider the following business broadcast video opportunities to connect with consumers:

  • Show new products via business live stream. Consumers may not be able to come shop the racks and shelves of your store, but they can come online and check out what you’ve got if you provide a way–live stream is the way!
  • Use live stream broadcast video to provide useful tips and tricks to help consumers use products that you sell in the retail store. You can even show consumers special uses of a product that they may not have known.
  • Broadcast a live question and answer session in which consumers can interact with you and ask questions about a particular line or type of product and you can answer.

Reminding consumers that you are still there and that as a retailer you care about them is important at this time. Staying connected like this and using live stream video allows you to build strong awareness for your brand so that it remains fresh in the minds of the consumer. Thus, when stores are once again open, consumers will recall (and, in theory, they will shop at) the brands they stayed most connected with during this challenging time.

Live Stream Broadcasting for Nonprofits

Nonprofits face challenges any time the economy suffers or struggles and COVID-19 has surely hit hard for many nonprofit organizations. Many have had to cancel their biggest fundraising events as social distancing measures have been enacted across the country limiting groups at first to gatherings of not more than 500, then 250, then just 50 and in some areas now no groups larger than 5 or 10 are allowed.

Nonprofits may be struggling to generate funding or to keep their programs operating with limited involvement or face-to-face interaction within the community, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stay connected! Consider the following business live stream opportunities for nonprofit organizations:

  • Share a live stream video that shows donors where their donations go. If you have a stockpile of merchandise that is to be shared in the community, show it! Do you help with something else in the community? Whatever it is, share the details in a live stream so that donors have a better understanding of the WHY.
  • Live stream an interview of your leaders or the volunteers that keep your nonprofit operating smoothly. Or, consider interviewing someone that your organization has deeply impacted. A professional video production crew can help you incorporate live stream feeds from multiple locations into your feed.
  • Broadcast live stream videos of donors speaking about why they donate to your nonprofit.

Even with communities somewhat closed across the nation, there are ways to remain connected. Live streaming business operations and sharing details about your nonprofit on a regular basis to keep connections with members of your community will help to generate awareness even while communities are closed.

Ready to start business broadcasting that will keep the community connected with your band? Give Beverly Boy Productions a call today! We’ll help you start live streaming to your audience to build connections and grow your brand online.