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Funeral Live Streaming Services

When loved ones are spread across the globe, it may make for an interesting circle but it’s a difficult thing to deal with when tragedy strikes. Being distant from family and loved ones when you lose someone special to you can be very difficult. Even more so when you aren’t able to travel to the memorial service. Fortunately, funeral live streaming services in Beijing are helping to provide families with a chance to connect during the hardest experiences.

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Live streaming technology allows families the opportunity to connect through their grief and provides an element of support for tragic times. If you have family members who can’t make it to the service in person, using technology to have everyone present can be the next best thing.

Live Streaming Funeral Services Connect Families

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As families travel around the world and leave one place to go to another, technology becomes a highly-important commodity for keeping in touch. When a loved one or friend passes, it can make a big difference in families and friends staying connected.

Live streaming has been around for a while. For nearly two decades, it’s been used for weddings and concerts but it’s only recently become popular for funeral homes. Maybe it’s because we don’t balk at the idea of a live stream but the option of using technology to share a funeral service is one that we aren’t used to.

The truth is that unless the deceased had requests against technology at their funeral, it can be beneficial for grieving families who are spread around the world to connect in some way.

Global Reach for Grieving Friends & Family Members

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From social distancing to sickness, there are numerous reasons why families can’t be together at a memorial service. Because saying goodbye is a part of the grieving process, funeral live streaming services in Beijing are highly beneficial in allowing everyone in your circle the opportunity to grieve together.

Benefits of Remote Funeral Live Streaming

We understand that the concept of live streaming a funeral may be a new one for you. But, it’s more common than you would think. With 20% of funeral homes providing this type of service, it’s something to consider.

Apart from the benefit of being able to reach loved ones in far away locations, there are many more reasons to consider using this technology:

● For some religious communities and certain cultures, it’s important to bury a deceased loved one as quickly as possible. Live streaming a funeral makes this possible.
● A copy of your live stream service allows for those who need to see it again to be able to go back and experience moments that can help them deal with their grief.
● Those who are attending online can chat with others attending remotely so everyone feels connected. It’s important to have the support you need when dealing with grief.
● People who are unable to show up to the funeral due to social distancing or job conflicts can be present through the live stream. This is needed for the various stages of grief and can be very important for your loved one’s who live far away.
● Families with kids may want to keep them away from grief at this time. Being able to be present via live stream allows parents to still have a chance to pay their respects.

Turn to Team Beverly Boy

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A live streamed funeral doesn’t have to be public. It can be streamed on a closed network so that it’s just your family and friends viewing the service. We know this is a difficult topic to discuss, but we also know how it can help your loved ones deal with grief and being far away from home.

At Beverly Boy Productions, we are able to help you by providing compassionate funeral live streaming services in Beijing that allow your family to stay connected during this time of grief. We understand that you need discreet service and we’ll make sure to provide you with just that. Please drop us a line today if you need our help and support for a funeral live stream. We’re here for you.