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Atlanta Live Web Streaming 

Navigating Atlanta Live Web Streaming can be a complex challenge, with many pitfalls and hick-ups along the way. With Beverly Boy Productions, it doesn’t have to be. We can take your event, message, presentation, and live stream it anywhere in the world, with the quality you’ve come to expect from Beverly Boy. From having the right software for publishing, to the input process, ensuring you have the right amount of RAM and evaluating the upload speed; all the way to viewing, where it is shared with your viewing audience. We deliver every step of the way. You can count on us to walk you through the entire project, complexities and all!

Georgia Live streaming personnel

The Georgia Live streaming personnel that perhaps plays the most important role is the Technical Director. A logistics coordinator of sorts, he/she is responsible for the technical side of the live stream. They makes sure that the software is adequate, and the equipment is adaptable for capturing the footage. They determines whether you need a Duel or a Quad processor and how much GB of RAM you’ll need for the best quality. The TD measures the upload speed against what you need. Where is the Reach? Do we have the horsepower? This is their area of expertise. Along with the audio department, they determines whether the sound that exits the omnidirectional mic is putting out the proper sound and lining up with the visuals. Technical Directors know how to give the audience the best viewing experience.

Atlanta Live streaming service provider

When attempting to locate an Atlanta live streaming service provider there are now quite a few to choose from. Twitch,, and YouTube Live are some of the more popular providers. They provide many of the same features but they are not all the same. Some will give you the option for PIP. Others will give you the option to display graphs and images during the live feed and toggle back and forth between both. It can be a daunting task to find the right fit, but that is yet another detail you won’t have to consider unless you have a preference. We will handle every aspect of the project. Beverly Boy Productions is well equipped for bonded streaming as well; which makes compatible your Cellular 4G, Wi-Fi, USB modem, and Ethernet. Speed, quality, and a name in the business you can trust.

Camera Gear for Professional Live Streaming

There are many differences when you live stream on your phone with friends vs. a professional event for your business. One major difference is the Camera Gear for Professional Live Streaming. You can achieve a great resolution, high quality from most cameras nowadays but the pros don’t like to take any chances. They prefer shooting on cameras like the Sony FS7 (camcorder) or the Panasonic GH5, or better. They give the operator more flexibility when it come to the wider angles and the option for slow motion, where the audience will get an interesting perspective.

Great locations for Atlanta live streams

Atlanta, Georgia is a fast-growing city with fantastic locations for Atlanta Live Streams. A top location is Atlanta’s Convention Center at America’s Mart, located on Peachtree Street. Just a short drive away, we find the Georgia World Congress Center. Both can be utilized for small informative business gatherings to mega corporate Galas. Its close proximity to the popular Georgia Aquarium, makes this a desirable location for visitors who come to this awesome city. A few miles away is another large venue, The Cobb Galleria. This is an ideal location for Trade Shows and other events where a large open spaced is required. Atlanta definitely makes the mark as a top spot for your Atlanta Live Stream.