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3 Reasons to Consider Professional Event Filming Services for Your Next Event

The amount of time and the additional effort that must be pitched in to ensure a corporate event goes without a hitch can be incredibly painstaking. However, only the best corporate event filming will result in the maximum ROI that you deserve for your corporate event production. While event filming services represent a costly expense on the outside, the reality is that the decision to film your event represents an inner desire to maximize your ROI. Consider these several reasons to utilize professional event filming services to get the most out of your big event.

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#1. Extend Event Reach

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Corporate events are great fun for everyone involved. Unfortunately, they are limited to those who are able to attend in-person unless you film the event. Filming your corporate event places the highlights of your big day (or days) in front of a much wider audience extending your event reach sometimes hundreds or even thousands of miles beyond what would be possible if in-person attendance was the only method of taking part in the event.

Recording your professional event and sharing it online via social media feeds, your website or other means allows you to reach significantly more people than you ever could with the in-person, live, event on its own.

Your recorded event could potentially reach people around the world. A simple video link allows viewers to “Attend” your event from their homes, offices, or really anywhere that’s comfortable to them, using a smartphone, tablet, computer, or similar device.

Events can be actively consumed and participated in from a cell phone, tablet, computer or similar device.

#2. Extend Event Length

In order for the professional event to take place you must book the event venue, pay staff and support crew to oversee operations, and cover all your bases while the event is taking place so that attendees are properly cared for throughout the event itself.

Events like this, that require so many resources in order to run smoothly, cannot last very long — they would simply cost too much.

However, event filming services capture the key moments and highlights of your professional event so that you can continue to generate revenue and sales from the event long after the live-event has closed shop.

Show People What They Missed

You can extend the length of your event by several years in this manner just by filming the event and occasionally updating relevant, important event. Updates that take place over the years.

Maximize your ROI with a professionally filmed event that can be shared with your audience for years and years.

Long after your event is over, your video rendering of the event will be useful in showing people what your event was like, what they are missing out on, and why they should connect with your brand for the services or products you provide. It’s very much as if video is the corporate gift that keeps on giving.

#3. Extend Content Distribution

planning distribution

Your professional event video can be used throughout the buyer cycle in all of your marketing initiatives. In fact, professional event filming services recognize the importance of versatile event videos that can be easily modified for multiple purposes throughout the marketing mix.

The decision to film your event represents a decision to actively extend the amount of content that you have for distribution to your audience.

We understand marketing your business is a full-time job. In fact, we realize that for many larger businesses the marketing initiatives represent full-time roles for several individuals.

But what if a single event video could be used to produce dynamic content for:

  • Social media profiles
  • Email communications
  • Website pages
  • Landing pages

Event videos represent dynamic content that you can use to distribute throughout your marketing channels maximizing the ROI on your event.

Ways to Use Your Content

Instead of profiting from a single distribution of tickets to the live event, how about profiting from the ongoing use of event video content to:

  • Promote events that you intend to have in the future.
  • Generate leads to your upcoming events or to other programs or services you offer.
  • Provide social media updates for followers.
  • Distribute credible industry insight that makes you the go-to source for information.
  • Share updates with thought leaders that collaborate with you and expand your reach further.
  • Improve your search engine rankings for money pages.

Professional event filming services can make all of that, and more happen with a single event video! Beverly Boy Productions specializes in event video production.

Are you ready to maximize your ROI and hire a professional to film your next big event? Give us a call at 888-462-7808! We can’t wait to work with you!