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5 Reasons to Invest in Online Virtual Concerts

A few months back, nobody really talked about online virtual concerts. Youtuber’s maybe, and occasionally an up and coming artist, but not the “big guys” — no, they had their own big concerts, in-person, complete with live audiences and lots of face-to-face interaction. But COVID-19 changed that, and has since opened up new doors and opportunities to produce online virtual concerts for a live audience that just happens to be in their own living room or various other locations –outside the immediate area. Online virtual concerts are the latest in entertainment and a great way to generate fans, following and income from your talents. 

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Check out these additional reasons to invest in video production for online virtual concerts for your talents.

#1. Generate Fans

An online virtual concert is great to watch and generate tons of exposure for your talents. If you already have some fans, you can deliver these unique entertainment experiences to keep fans engaged and interested in your talents while things are a little “challenging” or “different” than the norm and face-to-face interaction is limited.

The use of virtual concerts to produce a fan base begins with professional video production of your online virtual concert and event so that fans know you’re serious and so that they enjoy the experience of the event.

Virtual Concert

#2. Generate Following

Production of online virtual concerts that are then streamed on things like Facebook Live, Instagram Stories, and even via your own website or broadcasting methods can help you to generate increased following for your entertainment brand.

Musicians, artists, and basically anyone with talent that would generally fill a club, studio, concert bandshell, or similar event location can benefit from producing online virtual concerts to boost following for their talents.

Despite social distancing, and an inability to perform live music or talents in front of an actual audience, online virtual concerts are fitting the bill for now.

#3. Revenue for Your Talent

Yes, that’s right — people are actually PAYING to see online virtual concerts from their favorite artists and bands. Tours and gatherings have been postponed and online virtual concerts are what is left for those who crave music and talent events to get their excitement and engagement from a distance.

Music fans and those seeking to hear and see their beloved artists will pay to be a part of an online virtual concert and event that you produce — especially if the production is of top quality and engaging.

#4. Interactive Events

When you invest in video production for online virtual concerts you’re getting more than just the standard iPhone setup in someone’s living room. Production crews can create fully immersive experiences and interactive events that your fans will be coming back for again and again.

Both fans and artists can interact and ask questions, perform requests, and chat with others during online virtual concerts when the production is set up for such interaction. It’s well worth the investment.

Virtual Music Festival

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#5. Live Shows, from Anywhere

Artists benefit from online virtual concerts in the fact that they can produce live shows from just about anywhere. Drop in video equipment makes producing online virtual concerts in your living room just as much a possibility as producing live concerts from a major arena would be.

Artists can literally perform an online virtual concert from any location as long as there is a broadband internet connection — and even that will be handled by your production crew if you’re not sure what to do! Ready to hire a professional?

Invest in video production for online virtual concerts and engage your fans with the content they desire. Call Beverly Boy Productions today!