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Benefits of Animated Product Explainer Videos

Animated product explainer videos have the power to present a series of potential benefits for your business or brand. Not only are these short, animated marketing videos powerfully capable of improving customer satisfaction with your brand, they are incredibly versatile and can be used in a variety of different ways to accentuate your marketing and advertising campaigns. In fact, the production of animated product explainer videos for your business can result in improved product understanding, increased conversions, and stronger ROI for your brand.

At Beverly Boy Productions, we specialize in the production of animated product explainer videos for businesses and brands in just about any industry. Give us a call to learn more about producing explainer videos that have the power to engage, entertain, and convert clients and customers for your business. We’ll put more than two decades of experience to work for your brand producing exceptional quality content that your audience will love.

Consider these amazing benefits of using animated product explainer videos throughout your marketing campaigns. 

Motion Graphics Explainer Video

Improved Customer Understanding of Products

Animated product explainer videos will improve overall customer understanding of your products. This is especially helpful when you’re promoting products that are complex or otherwise difficult to understand. In fact, the creation of short, 1-2 minute animated product explainer videos that showcase the details, working elements, and unique features of your products can help customers to have a better understanding of what to expect when they receive their purchase. This is a great way to help the prospective customer decide whether or not your product is the right choice for their needs.

In fact, animated product explainer videos bring your product to life right before the viewer’s eyes. Just think how difficult it is to explain every feature and detail about how a product works. Now think about how easy it is to show your product in action and how much better your customer will understand based on viewing a video. Length written copy can be boring and bland, but a short 1-2 minute video has the power to deliver all of the great details about your product in a fraction of the time that it would take to read a product manual!

Increased Brand Awareness

Video is known to increase brand awareness, and animated product explainer videos have the power to do just that! In fact, people recall up to 95% of what they see in video, another major benefit to using explainer videos to deliver important details about the products you offer. 

If you really want people to recognize your brand or business, or to make the connection between your products and your business, consider the use of branded graphics and animations that directly relate to your business so that your audience will make the immediate connection. 

Increased Conversions

Explaining a great product and all the benefits that the product can provide can be challenging, unless you’ve got video to back up your claim! The production of animated product explainer videos can not only back up your claims about your products, but will also help you to increase conversions for your brand online. When you share your explainer video content on a landing page, there is the potential for up to 80% higher conversions overall.

The use of explainer videos in your email campaigns can lead to as much as 300% higher click-through-rates and increased conversions. In fact, anywhere that you can share your video content is almost certain to improve overall conversions for your brand resulting in higher product purchase rates and fewer returns overall. By using animated product explainer videos to educate your audience about your products before they purchase, customers have improved expectations and know what they’re getting when they buy making them not only more likely to purchase, but also more likely to be satisfied too!

Increased Leads & Higher ROI 

Sharing the details about how your products function and the details that make your products unique to your business can increase sales leads for your brand while also improving your ROI. In fact, not only are most marketers more than satisfied with their investment into video content for their business, most have also stated that the use of video has vastly improved their return on investment through the increase in sales, higher leads, and lower customer complaints.

Exceptionally produced animated product explainer videos can help your customer understand your products and make the decision to purchase what’s best and most suited to their individual needs. While it would seem to be pretty much impossible to deliver such keen insight through a manual or written product knowledge, the use of video to backup your claims and support the value of your product to the consumer audience is not only effective, it’s downright necessary in today’s marketing campaigns!

At Beverly Boy Productions, creating animated product explainer videos that showcase unique features, benefits, and complex workings of your products is our top priority. We’ve got more than two decades of experience working with products ranging from makeup or beverages to complex software and medical equipment. We know what it takes to produce professional quality animated product explainer videos that represent your business or brand. Give us a call to learn more!