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Top Atlanta video production insights 2024 – Trends That Are Happening Now

The video trends that are popping up in 2024 are changing the game on how businesses will utilize video to reach their viewers and get their story out to the world. Roughly 61% of companies used video in their marketing tools in 2021. Last year, that number rose to now more than 80%. What this means is that hiring a top Atlanta video production company to help you produce a video campaign is a smart move, but it’s also essential to help you stay in the game. When you are thinking about what Atlanta video production agency you want to hire, check out the following trends to determine which ones you want to see incorporated in your film, and make sure the company you want to hire can do those for you.

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Personalizing Video Production

One of the biggest trends we are seeing is that customers want to be engaged, and video campaigns are doing just that by incorporating social media or apps into the films. For example, a full service Atlanta video production company can produce engaging video content that is connected to your website, social media site, or an application developed specifically for your company.

The consumer uses their personal info on the app or site, and the video they are watching is personalized to use their name and data, so it’s like you made the film specifically for them. This personalizes video production for your consumers, which is what today’s buyers want. If you think that this is a service your business can benefit from, you should be sure to hire a video producer that knows website video production.

Using an Atlanta Video Production Studio To Build a Storyline

In the past, Atlanta video marketing companies have created campaigns and put all the information into one film. In 2024, the new trend is to build a story line through shorter films that are posted on many different platforms at once. Regardless if you run a small business in Cobb County, or an advertising agency on Peachtree Street in downtown, choosing a production company that has experience in digital marketing in Central Georgia is important.

They can help you create campaigns with these shorter films that not only intrigues consumers but allows you to reach more of your target audience at one time. Working with a video production studio who is able to create short films is the best way to make this trend work for your company. You will want more than a video company to make these short films perfect. You need a full service video production studio that can help you streamline the process and create continuity within the videos so that they flow properly and tell an intriguing story.

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Providing Hybrid Video Production Services in Atlanta

You don’t want to just engage the customer, though- you want to surprise them, too! An easy way of doing that is with hybrid video production services. Hybrid video production combines live streaming with video, and this is particularly important to use because live streams are rising in popularity. In order to utilize this trend in your film, you will want to hire a Top Atlanta video production company that provides streaming services and knows how to produce webcasts.

You also want an Atlanta production house that knows how to create a solid call to action chyron or lower third while streaming. Additionally, you can insert a logo while you have a webcast streaming, or even inset a lower third graphic that tells the customer to visit your website or call in during a live interview.

Choose Atlanta Film Production Companies That Know Micro-Films

It may be the age of information, but it is also the era of instant gratifications and busier than ever lifestyles. Today’s consumer wants information quickly, and that has now shown up in the form of 15 seconds or less videos that pop up in between YouTube plays or in social media feeds. Hiring Atlanta film production companies that understand that you can do big things with micro-films is the best way to ensure you do this trend properly.

Film production companies in Atlanta that know how to produce micro-films for social media sites is where you want to point your focus, because social media is where the most views for these films happens. It is easy for consumers to take in a video as they catch up on their friend’s lives and the news, and social media makes it easy for them to share the film, too. Working with a creative agency helps you utilize this video marketing and bring your company recognition in new markets in 2024.

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Hire an Atlanta Production Company That Knows Live Interviews

One of the biggest trends people are seeing all over social media is the “live” video. Your friends are going live. Your favorite yogurt brand is posting a live video. Even that cat you followed on Instagram has a live video out. If you want to stay relevant in 2024, you need to post some live videos, too. Of course, a live video from your phone may not be the way you want to reach consumers, but you can hire an Atlanta production company that knows how to produce live interviews.

The production company will set up a live-stream of you or a member of your staff being interviewed and telling your audience information they find interesting. Consumers love this type of film because it gives them an inside glimpse into your company and makes you seem more approachable. Doing weekly interviews is a great way to engage your customers, and to do that properly, you should work with a Top Atlanta video production company that has an office or resources close to you so they can be available for the interviews when you need them.

Choose an Atlanta Video Production Agency That Blogs

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of hiring an Atlanta video production agency is probably film, not blogs, but combining blogs and film to tell a deeper story is a trend that many top production companies in Atlanta are using.  Call to action pieces, such as “Visit our website” messages drive consumers to a company’s website, but blogs keep them there and lure them back. An expert video production agency can embed videos with certain blog posts to add interest to that post.

Companies that have a blog have a larger following because today’s consumers like they get to know the people they are supporting, not the products, but today’s consumers also want to be entertained, quickly. This is where the marriage of blogs and video is important- you get to publish personal content, daily, and spice it up with videos every now and then. There are several top video marketing companies across the globe to choose from, do your research and select the best for your project..

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Beverly Boy Productions Atlanta

When you are deciding on what Top Atlanta video production company to hire for your trendy corporate video, search for “production companies near me” isn’t going to cut it, anymore. You need to do real research and make sure you are hiring a company that knows the latest trends in corporate videos, and knows how to tailor them for your company’s needs and goals. Beverly Boy Productions knows how to keep you at the top of the game by helping you create films that are on trend and looking ahead to new ideas and technology in the field of video production.