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When you need a high-quality Atlanta testimonial video production company that can film incredible customer interviews or talking headshots, give us a call! We take an "easy does it" approach to interviewing subjects, because you want your subjects relaxed enough to remember their lines and for them to be able to connect with your audience. We know that this is not going to be a Tony award-winning performance, and we definitely have no awards to give when filming is over, but creating an effective customer interview is important to seeing success in your film and business. To achieve that, the interviewee needs to relax, focus on the camera, and tell a compelling story that the audience feels connected to. They need to appear authentic and approachable, while not focusing on the lights or the crew. While the interview does not need to be perfect, it needs to have enough emotion that an audience feels that the person on camera is genuine, trustworthy, and speaking directly to them. Creating a great customer interview is something we take seriously, and it's something we are able to accomplish, so when you are ready to film your next Atlanta testimonial video production, give us a call. We are eager to get to work with you!

Best Locations To Film Client Testimonials

When you are looking for the best locations to film client testimonials, you need to remember a few things when selecting the perfect space. First, you don't want your space to interfere with your subject. This means that that the audience should be able to clearly see the subject being interviewed, and not focus on the distracting things that are going on around them. Your background should remain in the background at all times. If you have a location that is a little busy, however, we can pull the interviewee forward with editing tricks, and make the background a little fuzzy, so that the audience is able to focus on the interviewee. When it comes to audio, though, you want to always make sure you have an environment where you can control the audio. It might seem like a great idea to film a customer testimonial on a nice little beach, but the wind and water can really have an impact on the audio. Outdoor interviews, as a whole, are a little problematic, because things like car horns, foot traffic, animals, and more can make it really hard for your subject to be heard. Your best choice is going to be an indoor location for your interview, especially if you have more than a few questions to ask.

Customer Testimonial Production in Atlanta

A prime spot for Customer Testimonial Production in Atlanta is easy to find in the city. From the Civil War to the Civil Rights Era, Atlanta has a rich history that helped shape this country, which makes many of the landmarks here ideal for filming. For example, Fox Theatre, which was recently restored to its original 1920s gilded-era look, is a lavish theatre that is perfect for filming off-site interviews, as is Centennial Olympic Park, which was built for the 1996 Summer Olympic Games and now offers a dancing water fountain that can make great backdrop scenery for interviews. Ebenezer Baptist Church, where Martin Luther King Jr. served as pastor, makes an iconic backdrop and also offers a bit of quiet to get clear audio. The Atlanta Center for Civil and Human Rights is another such place. All of these locations and many others are perfect for shooting customer testimonials.

Atlanta client testimonial production

A corporate interview can be conducted with many different subjects, from a CEO to a small business owner, and everyone in between, and a video production company with years of experience is sometimes needed to make sure there are no mistakes made while filming. Sometimes, you can only bet on 30 minutes of interview time with your talent, especially if you are working with a celebrity, and then you have no chance at retakes. This means you get it right the first time or else you don't get the footage at all. The best way to sell your product or boost your brand is to have testimonials of your clients singing your praises and telling others why they need to try out your service or goods. If you aren't selling a product or brand, maybe you need to capture a seminar speaker? Whatever the case may be, great video crews can handle it all. The possibilities are endless! We'll work hard to make your film better than real life!


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It may seem that conducting an interview is one of the easiest parts of the shoot, and it usually is, but this process can be more complicated than having a subject sit in front of a camera, asking them questions, and recording their responses. Something as simple as an interview can lead to a number of issues that make it hard to fix in the editing process, and that can ruin your whole film. Add in that you sometimes don't get second chances with subjects, and you definitely want a qualified crew handling your shoot. Team Beverly Boy is more than qualified for whatever job you have in mind, and we are here to help simplify the entire process.



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