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Ways to Use Video Content in Paid Marketing Campaigns

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Video content is a powerful medium that cannot be overlooked in online marketing campaigns. People consume more videos than any other form of content online. If you’re not using video content in paid marketing campaigns, you really should be.

In fact, we feel so strongly about the importance of using video in paid marketing campaigns that we’re going to show you exactly how to do it!

Why Use Video in Paid Marketing?

Why should you be using video in your paid campaigns? Because video works and video is what the consumer wants to see!

In fact, check out these stats about video content:

● Video content makes up more than 80% of all internet traffic.
● Video is more shared than any other type of content online.
● YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world.
● Video boosts email open rates by 19% and increases CTR by up to 300%.

Video is a powerful medium that simply cannot be overlooked anymore. However, many businesses are still not using video in their paid marketing campaigns and we just can’t seem to fathom why!

Use it Everywhere

Video content should be included in all of your marketing campaigns, paid and organic. With video providing the power to increase engagement and keep your audience satisfied more than any other form of content, why wouldn’t you use paid campaigns to deliver video content to your audience?

The only logical answer we have come to as to why brands are not using video in their paid campaigns is that they must not know HOW to incorporate video into these campaigns. Surely that’s it, right?

Let’s take a look at some of the ways that you can use video content in paid marketing campaigns.

Paid Video Remarketing Campaigns

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First, consider paid video remarketing campaigns. This is known as retargeting. When you retarget someone you are basically showing an advertisement to them after they have already seen your product, service or brand before.

For example, a visitor comes to your website and then leaves. You can use paid retargeting to show them a video on Facebook that further highlights your product or service. The result is a consumer that has now seen your website, and has seen your video on Facebook which helps to expand trust for your brand.

With paid video remarketing campaigns, advertisers have the power to reach people who have:

● Already watched your videos in the past.
● Liked or commented on your videos before.
● Seen your videos as a TrueView ad.
● Visited your YouTube channel.
● Subscribed to your YouTube channel.
● Visited your website.

Using video to remarket to these viewers is a great way to further promote your business or brand.

Display Product Lightbox Videos

Another way that you can use video in your paid marketing campaigns is to include videos in the display product lightbox rather than just a coupon or catalogue item. In the past, product lightboxes were almost exclusively used for coupons or still images but these are now a great way to incorporate video into paid campaign advertising.

Videos used in this way represent a new opportunity to make the most out of video in paid promotions. Depending on how you incorporate video into the ad you may find that this opportunity is affordable and effective for your brand.

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