5 Paid Content Strategies to Consider Using Video In

5 Paid Content Strategies to Consider Using Video In

Organic content marketing represents an excellent opportunity for brands to grow their audience, reach, and sales. But what about paid content strategies that you can incorporate video marketing into? There are several, and we’re going to discuss the amazing benefits that come from using video content in your paid advertising campaigns.

In fact, here are five paid content campaigns that you should be using video content on a regular basis.

1. Product Demonstrations

Consumers need to know how your products or services work. Video is really the best way to deliver this type of content, don’t you think? Product demonstrations that are delivered via video can easily capture audience interest.

Paid content strategies show the audience what your product can do for them and help them see how you can solve their problems–promote these videos in your paid campaigns to reach a larger audience and teach more people about the value of your brand.


2. Product Spotlights

Showing a product for what it is can be highly effective in paid content strategies. Especially if you have a product that reaches a core niche such as a product that is “green” or “user-friendly” or “cool.”

The idea of a product spotlight video is to make the viewer feel like he or she really needs that product. You want the audience to watch and think, “yep, I need that!” even though they would never have thought that way without the video.

3. Brand Introductions

Introduce your brand to consumers by sharing the story of your creation in video or share a video that highlights your brand and the products or services that make up the entire brand. The goal here is to introduce your brand to the consumer to build awareness.

Instead of delivering several paragraphs of text that discusses your brand, a video ad shares the brand story. Use this content in your re-targeting campaigns as well as on paid promotions in social media and various other networks.

5 Paid Content Strategies to Consider Using Video In

4. Brand-Building Content

Videos that build your brand are great to share in paid campaigns.

Brand-building content such as videos that use story-lines to connect with consumers in every stage of the sales funnel is ideal for paid campaigns on social media and in Google or other search engines.

Consider brand-building videos that connect with potential customers early in the funnel for the best results.


5. Educational Content

Paid content strategies and organic content strategies alike benefit from educational video content. Brands can use educational videos to grasp the attention of the audience and funnel them into their web.

Just a few short, educational videos can go a long way in promoting your brand through paid and organic channels.

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