How To Throw a Virtual Conference

How To Throw a Virtual Conference

Coronavirus, social distancing regulations, and the sudden fear of illness anytime we face human life outside our own immediate circle has changed the way we engage and interact, making much of what we do take place online virtually. Sudden adjustments to where and how we work, interact, and engage with one another have caused a significant increase in the use of virtual conferencing tools. While virtual conferences are a driving force online with big brands and businesses engaging people worldwide, many still don’t know exactly how to throw a virtual conference. Do you?

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 Hosting a Virtual Conference

Hosting a successful virtual conference requires planning and preparation to ensure all of the working pieces come together for a single, finished project that engages and entertains your audience. Not only do you need to plan your topics and keynote speakers, but you also need to plan software, hardware, and appropriate audience engagement opportunities.

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Step 1: Plan Software Needs

First, plan your software needs. If you’re not sure how to throw a virtual conference, this is your starting point. Determining what software you’ll use to host your conference for your audience. Virtual conference software ranges from simple free options like GotoWebinar and Zoom to advanced large-scale paid software programs that provide features like:

  • Setting a limit on the total number of attendees you will let in.
  • Customizing your registration process.
  • Allowing multiple hosts to operate the program.
  • Building custom audience engagements.
  • Interacting with key analytics and reporting
  • Recording the event.

Step 2:  Determine Presentation Tool Needs

A virtual conference sets the stage for your business online — you need to make sure your business appears as professional here as you would want to appear at an in-person conference. In addition to proper lighting and sound to ensure your broadcast video feed is top-notch, you’ll also want to make sure your virtual conference engages the audience. Various tools exist to help you boost engagement including:

  • Screen sharing to illustrate facts or points.
  • Slide show presentations to share important data.
  • Lighting and sound equipment to ensure you look and sound your best.

Step 3:  Choose Topics & Keynote Speakers

Your virtual conference cannot just be another meeting between you and your fans. As you continue to learn how to throw a virtual conference, consider the topic of your event and the best speaker for the information. Find a topic that your audience will love and consider several panel speakers to include detailed, engaging conferences on the topic for your audience. We recommend 3-5 speakers for a 1-hour conference.

Step 4:  Promote Your Virtual Conference

Promoting your conference and getting people to sign-up is just like promoting any other event or an in-person conference. Sell the event to your audience so that they feel like they MUST sign up. Use email marketing, social media marketing, and whatever other tools you have in your arsenal to boost the signups.

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Step 5:  Hire an Event Production Crew

Just because you’re hosting a virtual conference certainly does not mean that you do not need the help of a virtual event production crew. At Beverly Boy Productions we specialize in virtual conference production and will show you how to throw a virtual conference that engages your audience and keeps them actively involved in your event. GIve us a call to learn more about our professional virtual conference production crews.

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Step 6:  Host Event, Capture Feed & Repurpose

Now that you know how to throw a virtual conference, make sure that you’re capturing the entire event on video so that you can repurpose your content for other purposes. Beverly Boy Productions will focus on capturing all of the event data and footage to utilize in your future video and marketing initiatives. Just give us a call to get started with your first big live virtual conference vent. We’ll show you how to throw a virtual conference that your fans will love.

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