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Take these Steps Before Hiring a Detroit Case Study Video Production Company

Case study videos are increasingly being used by business owners as a marketing tactic to draw in the interest of a consumer audience, shed light on a brand, and build consumer connections. Detroit business owners often turn to case study videos as a way of building trust in their business and creating corporate connections that are relevant to their brand.  Before you even think about hiring a Detroit case study video production company, you need to take these essential planning and screening steps.

At Beverly Boy Productions, we take the production process very seriously and want for each of our clients not only to find success in the projects that we create with them, but to have a profound satisfaction in the decisions that they’ve made for their brand. To help you plan out the next steps in hiring a Detroit case study video production company, like Beverly Boy Productions, to work with on marketing content for your business, we’ve put together some useful tips and steps that you should follow ahead of the project.

Step 1: Decide on the Best Type of Case Study Video For Your Business

Before you call around to hire a Detroit case study video production company, you need to have some ideas in mind about what it is you want to do. This includes deciding on the best type of case study video for your business and what’s going to be most useful for your brand. Consider the following types of case study videos that a business like yours could potentially benefit from:

  • Case Study Story – Also called a case study narrative video, these are complex forms of content that include a background story complete with a mix of interviews and pre-defined narration that builds ac compelling story, usually about your business or brand. This type of case study video includes b-roll footage, interview footage, and a very specific narrative that takes a cinematic form for your audience.
  • Customer Testimonials – while you might not think of the testimonial as a case study, it’s really a form of case study style content. Customer testimonial videos offer a glimpse at what a customer feels about your business including their experience and commitment to your brand.
  • Customer Reviews – very similar to a customer testimonial, except that customer reviews incorporate the review along with detailed information about the customer utilizing the products, services, and special features of your brand.

No matter what you choose, you really need to have a plan in mind before hiring a Detroit case study video production company to work with. 

 Step 2:  Think the Way Your Customers Think

Not just your customers, but your prospective customers! You need to be planning out the actions that your prospective customers are most likely to take as they seek details and guidance that will help them come to terms with whether or not to purchase from your brand. As you’re planning your case study video, be sure to focus on your target audience, what their needs are, and how your brand or business addresses their particular pain points. This is important to being able to plan out the type of content that you need to include in your video to keep your audience engaged, entertained, and emotionally connected.

Step 3:  Carefully Plan Your Target Audience

If you go into the production of a case study video with a plan to reach anyone and everyone that will listen to what you have to say, you’re probably not going to achieve much in the way of conversions. However, if you go into the process with a carefully planned approach, and an understanding of exactly who your target audience is for the case study, and why they’re your target audience, you’re going to be much more likely to succeed.

Before you choose a Detroit case study video production company to film your video, you need to choose your audience. Consider the following:

  • What your brand does for customers.
  • How your business can help customers solve a problem.
  • What you can do to help your customers feel compelled to choose your brand?
  • What are your customers most satisfied about with your brand?

With your target audience planned, you can also begin to plan out who your target past customer is for the case study video. Working closely with a Detroit case study video production company will allow you to come up with a plan for how you will tie your current customer into the project, so that he or she can share their story about your brand in a way that it is going to resonate with your target audience.

By taking these important steps ahead of the production and before you hire a Detroit case study video production company to work with you can rest assured that whomever you hire will have the right details in mind in order to be able to complete the project successfully.

Want more on working with a Detroit case study video production company? Give Beverly Boy Productions a call.