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Follow this Video Case Study Sequence when Writing Your Case Study Script

Everyone knows that a script is a breakdown of the individual sequences or steps of a story that will play out on screen to form the overall video. When it comes to writing a case study video script, it’s important to have a sequence in mind that will work both for you and for your target audience. In fact, this video case study sequence is just what you need to follow when writing your case study video script as you prepare to create a case study video that is going to directly speak to your prospective customers in a way that demonstrates true value proposition for the products, services, or brands that you sell.

According to lead business marketing agencies, case studies are one of the leading tactics for converting prospective customers into paying customers or clients. In fact, 62% of businesses claim they use case studies all other forms of marketing when it comes to trying to convert customers, and 52% of B2B buyers find that case studies are vital to making decisions on vendors to work with or to hire. Further, case studies come up in the top 4 content types when ranked by the level of influence each content type has in the purchase process. In other words, case studies are found to be incredibly important to consumer decision making as well as to business decision making when B2B brands are involved. 

However, if you’re going to create a video case study, you’re going to need to be sure that you follow some general formatting guidelines that are expected of a case study, and you’ll most likely find that it’s best to follow this video case study sequence in order to maximize the value that you derive out of your attempt at creating a case study of your own.

Customer Spotlight

The first step in the video case study sequence is the customer spotlight. This is where you’re going to highlight who the customer is, what their job title and role is, what company they work for and what their connection is to the topic of the case study. You’re building the credibility of the customer while equally building up the relationship between who your customer is and who your prospects are that should be watching the case study video.

It’s very important to place the spotlight on your customer rather than to open by placing the spotlight on your product. By making the customer the highlight of the introduction, you’ll build a rapport between the customer and the prospect that is just what is required to keep the engagement.

Introduce the Challenge that the Customer Faced

This is your chance to build up the story. What was the issue or problem that your customer faced which needed to be overcome? You’re introducing the challenge and it should be a challenge that your prospective customers can resonate with or relate to, perhaps it’s a challenge that they are dealing with as well? The purpose here is to continue to build the connection between your satisfied customer and your prospects.

At this stage, it’s important to use a customer quote that proves the direct connection between your customer and the challenge that they faced. It is not necessary yet to provide the correction or the solution. You’re building up to that.

Discuss the Journey or Process of Overcoming the Challenge

As you funnel through the video case study sequence it’s important to continue to build the story for your audience and to create the connections between the customer and the prospect. This is where you’re going to provide some background on the various steps your customer might have went through leading up to their decision to purchase your product or service. Maybe they tried competitor products or services? Perhaps they attempted other solutions? Some background is going to help the audience to empathize with their story and feel more connected.

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Discuss What it Was Like for the Customer to Discover Your Brand

This is where you share the story about how your customer found out about your brand and the products or services that you provide which could be the solution to their challenge or problem. You want your prospective customers to know how the customer found you, and what they were thinking when they first decided whether or not to purchase your products or services. Perhaps they didn’t purchase immediately? Maybe they pondered, did some more research, and found some reviews or specific details that stood out to them before their purchase? 

Including these details will help to build the credibility of your customer, showing that they did their homework and that your prospective customer can trust in their abilities. It proves that the customer took some of the same steps or actions that the prospect would have.

The Resolution & Results of the Purchase

In closing you’re going to cover the customer’s decision to purchase your product or service to solve their problem as well as what it was like at first. Were they immediately satisfied with their purchase? Did they find the process to be easy? Were there obstacles? Did they struggle with any specific problems in utilizing your products or services to solve their problem?

This is also the part of your video case study sequence that will address the results of purchasing your product or service to solve the customer’s problem. If your customer has specific results, that are measurable and include actual figures such as savings, sales, revenue increases, or any other specific hard numbers that are relative to the benefits that your product or service provided for the customer, those details should be included. You want to provide any hard numbers that you can to prove the value of your product to the customer.

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