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With the arrival of COVID-19 to the US, business operations have changed drastically around the country, especially in areas with numerous cases. Words like shutdown and social distancing are very common and with these concepts comes the need to close businesses, at least to the public. How do companies keep up with their operations while also keeping clients and safe from this highly-contagious virus? Washington DC live streaming business meetings & events are a few ways to keep your company running smoothly during this time.  

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Social Distancing at Best

Washington DC live streaming business meetings helps companies hold meetings without having to be in the same space. Social distancing is very important for reducing transmission in the area, especially because Coronavirus is expected to have an infection rate of 3:1, which makes remote meetings a must right now.  

With yearly general and second-quarter business meetings necessary for many businesses right now, it’s important for companies to consider alternatives to meeting at your office, etc. You want to reach goals but you also want to show your team and customers how important everyone’s health is to you and the company.  

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Increased Employee Engagement & Meeting Productivity

Social distancing is very needed right now but how do you keep your team engaged and on top of goals with the distance? This is where live streaming business meetings are ideal. In fact, they have been known to be an ideal way to captivate your team, much more so than web-conferencing and boring emails. Studies show that live stream meetings make it easier for leadership to share goals and visions in a clear and concise way while also providing a conducive space for employees to share feedback, which in the end results in a highly productive workspace. 

 Equipped for Large Audiences

While you can’t hold large business meetings or events at venues right now, live streaming gives you the opportunity to reach even more people than you normally would. You need to keep up with any events or activities you may have planned to keep your business running smoothly, so when you consider the benefits of Washington DC live streaming business meetings, you’ll see that instead of only reaching 50 people due to a small venue space, you can now appeal to over 5,000 people online.  

Video On-Demand

Live streaming meetings can also be recorded for on-demand video. This way, your team can watch the meeting as many times as needed to ensure they get the information they need from what you discussed. It’s also beneficial for reaching your clients or external audience, as you can add graphics or text and increase the value and appeal of the video you share with your audience.  

Get Started with Live Streaming Business Meetings

Have you needed to be closed or will you need to be closed for several weeks? If you are looking for ways to keep your company productive and your operations running smoothly, we can help you out. At Beverly Boy Productions, we’d be happy to help you with your Washington DC Live Streaming Business Meetings & Events. Whatever you need, just let us know. We’re here to help!

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