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What’s the True SEO Value of Video?

Search engine algorithms adapt and change frequently, sometimes several times each day. We don’t always hear about algorithm changes or fluctuations unless they are big updates that result in a lot of turmoil or abrupt adjustments to rankings. We talk a lot about how video can improve your SEO, but what’s the true SEO value of video and is video really capable of improving your page rank and website SEO? Absolutely!

There’s actually a lot that you can do when it comes to using video to improve your SEO. In fact, as we look at the true SEO value of video, we tend to think about:

     1. Video’s Ability to Reduce Bounce Rate

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Bounce rate is a figure determined by the number or frequency of visitors that immediately leave your website or webpage after they land on it from a search engine – essentially, they “bounce” off of the page because they are not interested or did not find what they came looking for.

One of the greatest SEO values of video on your website is in its ability to reduce bounce rate. When a person comes to your website and sees a video, they may stick around longer, lowering the bounce rate for that particular page.

Google, and other search engines, see this lowered bounce rate as a signal that people are finding what they came for on your website, and they reward the site by moving it higher up in the search engine rankings so that more people can see the page.

     2. Video Increases CTR

Another true SEO value of video is in the ability for a single video to increase your click through rates on the page. Search engines view click through rates as a representation of a page’s ability to deliver what searchers are looking for.

If your page comes up in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) and a video shows up, you could see up to 157% increase in click throughs from organic traffic. Higher organic traffic has the potential to drive more sales.

     3. Video Leads to Backlinks

At the end of the day, most marketers know that backlinks are one of the key sticking points for SEO. The true SEO value of video is that people enjoy sharing content that makes sense to share. Generating more backlinks for your website can lead to higher overall rankings and increased organic traffic — and since people enjoy sharing videos, it’s easy to get them to link back to you after they connect with your brand.

     4. Video Increases SERP Rank

Finally, the true SEO value of video is seen in the power of video to improve overall organic rankings among various signals. Pages that have a higher average position ranking and get higher click through rates have the power to be increasing sales and revenue for your brand.

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