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What Makes a Good Kickstarter Video

When you think of crowdfunding, Kickstarter is likely the first platform that comes to mind. In fact, many businesses use Kickstarter campaigns to produce exponential funding that they otherwise would never have even dreamed of for their product or service to kick off. But what makes a good Kickstarter video?

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While a video may make or break the success of your Kickstarter campaign, lack of a video is likely to reduce your chances of funding. So, as you plan your Kickstarter campaign out, consider the important elements of a Kickstarter campaign video listed below to help you get started.

And, remember, campaigns that include a video generally reach their funding goals in half the time!

The Number 1 Element to Your Kickstarter Campaign is Your Idea

Before you even think of making a video, consider the fact that the number one element that will make or break your Kickstarter campaign video is your idea. Having an awesome idea is the base of your campaign and makes the difference in whether you will attract the attention of investors or not.

But what goes into an “awesome” idea? The video concept or idea will explain your product, show it in action, and engage potential investors in a way that makes them want to stick around and continue to hear and see what you have to say.

Instead of simply providing investors with a Kickstarter campaign video that blandly outlines who you are and what you have to offer, consider a video that will stand out. Get creative, do what you can to connect emotionally with the viewer, and use the video in a way that will have the viewer deeply interested. Original ideas are best!

A Script & Planning Come Next

The next most important element of your kickstarter video is the script. The steps that you take now to prepare your script and outline the visuals that are to compliment your verbiage will influence the success of your campaign.

If you’re new to scriptwriting, consider seeking the help of a professional. Likewise, you can look at other Kickstarter campaigns that are gaining a lot of traction and get ideas from the methods they use to describe their product and the visual cues they are including in their content.  Again, remember that original ideas are best, so don’t copy!

Hook the Audience

Consider each element of the script as you write it. Your kickstarter campaign video not only aims to get investors interested in backing your product, but really, you are encouraging them to back YOU.

Think about what words and visuals you can use to engage the viewer and help him or her to gain confidence in you and your product offering.

Deliver the Key Message

As you work to deliver the key message of your Kickstarter campaign video, consider opening with a question that will emotionally connect with the audience. The question should be relative to the product or service that you are offering which would solve the problem or answer the question.

The way you deliver the key message to your audience by connecting emotionally and showing them that you can solve a core problem will not only capture their attention but also entice them to support what you are offering.

Throughout the video, make sure you keep the viewer engaged. Provide details about key features that will be most likely to interest the audience and don’t get hung up on specifics that may be less interesting.

The focus really should be on answering the original question and convincing your viewer that your product or service is the best possible solution to the problem at hand.

Under 2 Minutes is Ideal

As you focus the Kickstarter campaign on delivering the core message it is important to pay special attention to the timing of the production. You don’t want content to be too long. The ideal Kickstarter campaign video will be under 2 minutes in length except in very rare cases.

This means, you will need to incorporate your content and key message in a way that delivers the key points without overwhelming the viewer or boring him or her.

Trust in Experienced Professionals

Now is not the time to overdo the details. Save the fine details for when the viewer comes to your landing page. The video should provide the important information, answer why you need money, and include an overall action plan for your product. The rest can be discussed later on.

Now that you know what makes a good Kickstarter video, take the time to get started on production! For help, call Team Beverly Boy at 888-462-7808. We’re always ready to assist.