Surprising Benefits of a Virtual Job Fair

COVID-19 has changed the way we do just about everything, including how we look for work. Gone are the days of driving from place to place to put in applications. We rarely do in-person interviews. Everything down to recruiting and hiring seems to take place online now. In fact, the virtual job fair is the new way of finding and securing a position at work, and there are some surprising benefits that come along with it. 

Easy Access to Work

You’ll gain very easy access to finding work at a virtual job fair. Instead of having to travel from place to place, visit each manager or key executive, and interview you can complete most if not all of these steps online, from the comfort of your home. The easy access that comes from a virtual job fair is one of several benefits that have more employers and prospective employees considering this form of career fair over other options.

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Attending a virtual job fair is fast and simple. For the host, employers find that they save time with hosting a virtual job fair too. Much of the time-consuming steps associated with an in-person job fair are eliminated with a virtual event. Employers are able to set up a virtual job fair in just a few hours and start recruiting people right away whereas an in-person event would have taken weeks or months of planning.

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Greater Networking

Employers are finding that they can offer greater networking events at a virtual job fair than would be provided in-person. They can easily connect people based on past experience and background using algorithms that pair visitors rather than having to spend time screening, sorting, and otherwise networking people together. It’s really a great experience.


Easy ROI Tracking

One of the greatest employer benefits of a virtual job fair is the ease of tracking. Expense tracking is simple, and ROI tracking is fast and simple. Employers can quickly and easily see who attended, how the event fared, and what was accumulated from the efforts. 


Ease of Marketing

Finally, employers find that marketing a virtual job fair is much easier than marketing an in-person event. Everything can be handled online making digital marketing efforts a breeze. Recruiting professionals target candidates based on talent databases and have the ability to quickly and easily promote the event to those most likely to attend.

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