How to Create a Virtual Event

More and more businesses are turning to virtual events to connect consumers with their brands, but do you know how to create a virtual event? Not only are virtual events fun to create, but they are also relatively simple to get started with right away if you know the basics.

In fact, as you learn how to create a virtual event for your business you’ll likely come up with your own set of steps and processes that work as you tweak the program and learn more. Here’s what we believe is most important.

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Consider Session Length

Your event shouldn’t be several days long because nobody has that kind of time to engage anymore. As you consider creating a virtual event for your attendees, keep in mind that short sessions are more likely to attract your audience than a long, drawn-out event.

Most online virtual events can be 60 minutes or less. For example, a webinar of 60 minutes is pushing the time frame to the max. Most online virtual events are significantly shorter and equally as fun.

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Use Catchy Event Titles & Descriptions

You want people to WANT to engage with your event, so you need to catch them with the title and description of the event. Using a call to action phrase increases the likelihood of potential attendees to sign up for your event. You should be prepared to spend some time outlining the event title and description. Talk with your marketing team as this is one of the key elements in creating a virtual event. Make sure you come up with a title that tells your audience what your event is about and why they must attend. 

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Hire a Moderator

Professional virtual event producers will tell you, a moderator is a must for your event. Make sure you don’t just hire anyone to moderate, though. You need someone that is going to encourage engagement and interaction. Beverly Boy Productions can help you fine-tune each of these steps as you learn how to create a virtual event. Give us a call and we’ll help you hire a moderator and produce the filming and engaging events for your online program.

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Include Chat Features

Attendees should be able to chat with one another just as they would at a face-to-face event. Including chat features and a live Q&A session option in your event will help people to network and have fun.

The networking component of the virtual event is one of the most sought after by attendees, so you really can’t afford to overlook this. If you’re not sure how to create a virtual event that includes networking, contact a professional like Team Beverly Boy to get started.

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Include Top Quality Footage

Finally, not just any webcam can be used to produce a quality virtual event. You need quality cameras and a professional team that is prepared to create a presentation that is engaging and exciting for your attendees to watch.

When you hire a professional to help you create a virtual event you can expect camera angles to be utilized for proper positioning and optimal lighting and sound for your audience to engage and appreciate the footage.

Still unsure how to create a virtual event for your business? Hire a professional crew like Beverly Boy Productions and we’ll help you get started with quality virtual events that your attendees will love.

Beverly Boy Crew live streaming

Beverly Boy Crew live streaming

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