How Do I Find Local Videographers

How Do I Find Local Videographers? 

A lot of people, brands and companies ask, How Do I Find Local Videographers? If you’ve never hired local videographers before, chances are you’re wondering what the steps are and where you should look. Finding and hiring local videographers that can work on your film project can take much of the guesswork and struggle out of creating top quality marketing content.

If you’re wondering, “how do I find local videographers?” for a project, consider these relatively simple solutions to finding professional videography services anywhere the world.

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Ask Around 

You’d be surprised at how many times you can find local videographer just by asking around. Perhaps a local business that you’re fond of has recently released some marketing videos that you love? Ask them who they hired to produce their content! 

Ask a friend, neighbor or relative if they know anyone that specializes in videography. Finding local videographers that have already completed projects for people you know provides you with the added benefit of being able to get information about the working relationship between the project owner and videographer before you decide to work together. 


Likewise, when you ask people in your network for their opinions, such as “who is the best videographer in the area?” they feel valued, as if their opinion matters to you. And, when you contact a local videographer with a trusted reference from a friend for which they already completed a project for in the past, chances are you might get a discount on your film project.

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Google It 

For many, the first thing that comes to mind when considering, “How do I find local videographers?” is to Google it. Google has become a household name and the act of performing a search in the world’s largest and most robust search engine is quite commonly referred to as “Googling.” 

A simple Google search for “videographers” or “Videographers near me” or “local videographers” will bring up many different local businesses and freelance videographers that are vying for your business. Keep in mind that there is more to showing up in Google than simply being a local business! Big brands spend excessive time, money and resources on SEO to help them show up in the first spots in the Google search results. 


If you Google local videographers or video production or any other term in search of local video production companies that can assist you, make sure you take the time to further research the value and skills of the company. Don’t choose a videographer that’s first on the list just because they were first. Check out the videographer’s demo reel.

Ask for references or to see past work. Interview the videographers that you think are most suited to your project and then chat with their references to get an idea as to whether or not they worked well with their past customers. A great question to ask a past client is “Would you hire the videographer again?” If the answer is “No,” there’s a pretty good chance you don’t want to hire them in the first place! 

Browse Social Media 

You can find local videographers on social media too. Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and other social media sites will likely have several local videographers vying for your business. Before you decide on any of the professional or freelance videographers that you find on social media, consider checking their references and skill sets against your project needs first. 

How do I find local videographers on social media? Use the following search parameters to help you get started: 

– #cityvideographer for example, #OrlandoVideographer or #TampaVideographer 

– #CityVideoProduction for example, #OrlandoVideoProduction or #MiamiVideoProduction 

– #CityVideoFreelancers for example, #MiamiVideoFreelancers

Social Media

Don’t stop at the hashtags though. As you browse social media for local videographers consider also search social media for details on past projects they created or were involved in creating. Make sure you are checking out their most recent work to get a feel for what they can offer now. A great videographer 10 years ago may not be so great now if they haven’t stayed in the industry and focused on improving their skills with the time.

Check Freelance Websites 

Sometimes hiring a local videographer is as simple as checking local freelance websites. Craigslist and Upwork and similar sites list freelance videographers that are looking for work. If you do decide to look for local videographers via any of the potential freelance websites, make sure that you engage a contract between yourself and the videographer that you decide to hire in order to protect your project and your rights. 

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Hiring a freelance videographer comes with benefits and potential challenges. Most are handling multiple projects at any given time which means you may face hurdles in getting them to respond and actively work on YOUR project. Likewise, freelance videographers often provide cheaper rates and, in some cases, you can find someone that’s really good and simply trying to build their brand. 

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Contact Local Production Companies 

Most think, How Do I Find Local Videographers, when there are so many companies out there. Sometimes finding a local videographer begins with a simple contact to a local production company. For example, you may contact Beverly Boy Productions and ask them for a local videographer.

When you call us, we’ll immediately begin working to put together a crew of local videographers and production specialists that are right for your project. Our videographers are located worldwide so no matter where you or your project are, there’s a local videographer that is on our team and able to take your project on.

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There are also benefits to hiring local videographers through a production company like Team Beverly Boy. Doing so means you are backed by the pristine knowledge and professional level skills of our brand. If you’re ready to find and hire local videographers that will help you produce your project, give Team Beverly Boy a call.

We’ll put our two decades of experience and worldwide video production knowledge to work for you. All it takes is a single call and you can begin planning the next stages of your project.

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