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Following the 5 Step Sequence of a Product Promotional Video

There are literally endless ways that you can create a promo video that attracts your target audience, grabs their interest, and encourages them to make a purchase. The basic sequence of a product promotional video typically involves addressing what the problem the target audience is dealing with, how you can help solve their problem, and why your product is the most suitable option. When it comes to producing a promo that hypes up your target audience and encourages them to purchase, following a 5 step production sequence of a product promotional video is key.

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If you’ve attempted to produce a few product promos for your business over the years, you’ve probably found yourself making certain mistakes along the way. For example, failure to properly plan the sequence of production for your video can lead to:

  • Producing a video that’s much longer than it should be overall.
  • Forgetting to include important components to the video such as the call to action.
  • Not including your branding or branding the video incorrectly.
  • Forgetting to film b-roll or not filming enough b-roll footage.
  • Missing the most intricate camera shots, filming in the wrong direction, or shooting in the wrong orientation.

A lot of these mistakes and others can be prevented by following this 5 step sequence of producing a product promotional video.


The first step to producing a product promotional video is to write the script. This is where the most basic concept of your video promo comes together and you’ll brainstorm important details to support your ideas. As you’re writing your script, you should be thinking about the theme of your video. Is it going to be a traditional holiday-themed promotion? Will it be seasonal? Playful? Humorous? There really is no right or wrong here, but it is important to come up with an overall theme to the concept or angle that you’re trying to promote.


This is also where you should be thinking about the pain points that your target customer may be struggling with and how you can help. Focusing your script on a basic sequence of what is wrong, how you can fix it, and why your products are the best option will almost always win over the final approval of your customer. Think about your target market and their core values, and consider ways that you can integrate all of these finer details into your product promotional video content.


Remember how we said that sometimes when you attempt to DIY your way through the production process mistakes like filming from the wrong angle, or in the wrong orientation, can happen? This is where storyboarding comes in to assist with the prevention of this, and other similar mistakes that may occur in relation to how the footage is captured. Film shoots are rather expensive, especially when you think about renting a studio or shoot location, equipment, and hourly wages for crew members. You can save yourself, and your film crew, a lot of time and headache by creating a storyboard about your product promotional video prior to production.

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Storyboarding is where you put your vision and script into visual detail, organizing the various shots and visual components that you intend to film as part of your promotional video. By creating a storyboard, you have the flexibility and freedom to come up with a variety of different shots, camera angles, and potential visual ideas on paper. If something doesn’t seem right, it’s easy to change at this point but will be much more difficult as we near production. Keeping this in mind as you map out the shot sequence of a product promotional video can save you a lot of time and headaches while preventing a lot of mistakes in the process.


Your video is ready for production once the script is written and the storyboard is in order. Depending on the complexity, total length, and number of shots or scenes involved in producing your product promotional video, production could last between a couple of hours and a few days. Most promotional videos are under 2 minutes which means production can be handled rather quickly as well in most cases.

During production, each of the shots and scenes that were prepared in the storyboard will be filmed. Keep in mind that it may take several “takes” in order to get the best shots. Your film crew, working closely under the guise of the director, will capture shots associated with the storyboard until every shot from every scene is completed and it’s a wrap.

Post-Production Editing

The next step in the sequence of a product promotional video is post-production editing. Sometimes simply referred to as, “post,” this phase generally takes the longest as it’s where the magic happens. Film editors work with all of the raw footage that is provided to them from the production process and the review, organize, edit and finalize the footage.

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During post-production, music is added into your promotional video and sound effects might also be included to bring the video to life. Depending on the complexity of the product promotional video, post-production might include adding in any animated features or special effects that will make your product promo stand out to your target audience. Anything that is added in post-production is planned ahead of time, just like everything added during the storyboarding and scriptwriting efforts.


When the editors have finalized your product promotional video they’ll send you the final footage all put together in a neatly packaged project. Promotion, the final sequence of a product promotional video is up to you to handle. This is where you are going to distribute your video across various networks, channels, or through other advertising opportunities. Promotion reflects your opportunity to share your video content with your target audience so that it can do the job of promoting your products for you. While there are many options, email, social media, paid advertising, and your own website are just a few of the best options to begin promoting your video to the world!