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Don’t Miss These Benefits of Using Video for Social Media Marketing

Trends on social media ebb and flow, changing overnight as something new pops up and something that was just new the day before becomes “old news.” This is how social media works, after all, and it is to be expected that in order to stay on top with social media, you’ve got to remain consistently engaged and prepared to change with the times.

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One trend though, that hasn’t gone away overnight, and likely won’t be going anywhere anytime soon, is video!

Whether you’re a startup or an enterprise level business owner, if you’re not using video for social media marketing, then you’re not only missing out on one of the most popular trends to stick around for social media – EVER – but you’re also missing out on a ton of opportunity!

According to recent studies and statistics announced by top platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter:

Video is not only the most popular and highest performing type of content on social media, it’s absolutely pivotal to any brand’s social media marketing strategy.

If you’re not using video for social media marketing, you’re just not doing social media marketing right! Period!

Video is incredibly popular on social media right now, and happens to be driving a ton of growth online across all of the major platforms.

Video content builds faster, stronger connections between your brand and your audience.

Just consider these statistics from top social platforms:


  • Facebook videos get 59% more engagement than static posts.
  • Instagram videos get 49% more interaction than static posts.
  • When video is included in a Tweet, there is 10x more engagement.
  • Promoted Tweets with video save more than 50% on cost-per-engagement.
  • Linkedin Professionals are 20x more likely to share a video over other posts.
  • Pinterest users are 2.6x more likely to purchase after seeing branded video content.

What All of these figures are telling you:

In a nutshell, that if you’re not using branded video content as part of your social media marketing strategy, you’re totally missing out!

Can you really afford to miss out on more engagement, increased interaction, more shares, and higher sales?

And even if you can “afford” to miss out on all of these benefits of using video for social media marketing, do you really WANT to?

Let’s take a closer look at some of the major benefits of using video for social media marketing.

Video Increases Exposure and Engagement

show and tell with video
If you’ve ever spent time on social media, which 82% of the U.S. population does use some form of social media, then you’ve probably noticed a lot of video content.

In fact, you probably didn’t have to scroll long before a video popped up on your feed.

That’s because social media algorithms are built to show content that captures the viewer’s attention and engages them the longest, which is exactly what video does!

Video naturally gains more exposure and engagement than any other form of content shared on social media.

Across the major social media platforms, video has the highest engagement.

Whether we’re talking about shares, retweets, or comments, across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social platforms videos are more likely to generate the engagement and exposure that your brand is looking for!

Video Lasts Longer than other Content

Brands are finding that using video for social media marketing has a longer shelf life than other forms of content such as static image posts or just plain text.

This likely has to do with the way videos are shared by new audience members resulting in the video bouncing around social media and frequently coming back up in user feeds. 

For instance, a single TikTok video might be published early in the year and keep popping up weeks or months later.

As the video generates more interactions and people share it, the video sort of bounces from one For You page to another gaining momentum and popularity as it goes.

Brands are always looking for evergreen content, and although video isn’t guaranteed to be evergreen, it tends to have a similar outcome as it becomes popularized and bounces its way around the social platform and across various user feeds.

Video Builds Stronger Connections, Faster

BBP camera crew 1-10
No other form of content has the power to build consumer connections so quickly and so deeply.

Certainly one of the key benefits of using video for social media marketing is that it has the power to build a strong connection with the audience it is shared with.

Brands the use their social media platforms as a place to inform audiences and offer solutions that closely resonate with the pain points suffered by these audience members will build deep trust among consumers that will continue to gain further interest in their brand. 

When a consumer follows a brand on social media, not only are they more likely to purchase products or services from the brand, but they’re also likely to advocate for the brand recommending it to others.

This is relationship building at its absolute finest!

No other style or type of content can generate these types of deep connections and strong relationships with consumers as quickly as video can!

If you’re not using video for social media marketing, you’re almost certainly missing out on these incredibly powerful benefits that could help your brand achieve so much more.

Whether you’re an entirely new brand that’s just starting out, or you’ve been around for some time and you’ve already got a large following online, social media has the power to influence consumer decisions, increase engagement for your brand, and build stronger, more valuable connections among your core audience and those who are new to your brand.

Can you really afford not to be using video for social media marketing if it stands to provide so many benefits?

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