5 Explainer Video Services to Consider for Your Business

5 Explainer Video Services to Consider for Your Business 

Explainer video services represent your business in a way that allows consumers to better understand the complex products or services provided by your brand. These short, online videos provide powerful details in a rapid, engaging setting where consumers can quickly digest the content without getting bored or overly distracted. The best explainer video services have been known to increase conversions for businesses by as much as 144% or more making these a valuable opportunity for large and small brands. Checkout these 5 explainer video services that you should consider for your business. 

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1. Motion Graphics Animated Videos 

Using various forms of visual effects and motion graphics, these explainer video services are popular among business owners in the tech and medical industries. Motion graphics animations are useful in explaining some of the most complex concepts that your business engages in with precision and ease. If you’re looking for a way to present difficult to digest information, motion graphics animated explainer video services are an ideal starting point. 

2. Whiteboard Explainer Videos 

You see these a lot in internet marketing, the use of a whiteboard to explain complex products or services and an animation that goes along. You watch the individual write, and draw out basic animations while music or speaking play for the duration of the video. Whiteboard animates represent one of various explain video services that businesses can use to create voice-over depictions of moderately-complex topics for ease of understanding. 

3. Live Action Explainer Videos 

The use of real characters and a humanized approach to explaining or showing how a complex service or product is used, live action explainer videos represent one of the most widely used explainer video services for medical teams, legal practices, and businesses that focus directly on humans. Certain businesses simply cannot be turned into a cartoon without losing value. Live action explainer videos maintain your credibility while discussing complex topics. 

4. Kinetic Typography Explainer Videos 

Another powerful option, kinetic typography videos represent another of the most widely used explainer video services for business owners. These videos use wordplay to teach the viewer various concepts. Be careful though, kinetic typography can be distracting from the total message if the word play is overdone. Make sure there is engagement and not just mesmerization. 

5. 2D & 3D Animation Explainer Videos 

The use of both 2D and 3D animated graphics is another common explainer video option used by businesses. A popular form of using animated characters and visual graphics to engage the viewer while adding layers of communicable content, these explainer video services are affordable and a great option for brands that are looking to engage a wide audience. If you’re looking to hire professional production crews to provide explainer video services for your business, give Beverly Boy Productions a call.

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