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What is a Body Makeup Artist & What Role Do they Perform on Set?

A lot of people wonder: What is a Body Makeup Artist? A body makeup artist is much like a makeup artist in that they must know and understand various makeup products and the techniques used to apply them but the makeup that is applied by the body makeup artist is applied to various parts of the body rather than solely to the face and neck. Body makeup artists apply makeup to various areas of the body of characters on the film set to improve or alter their appearances. 

Body Makeup Artist: Altering the Appearance of Actor or Actress’s

It is not uncommon for every inch of exposed skin to be covered in makeup that is applied by the body makeup artist. Body makeup artists alter the appearance of the actor or actress’s body using the makeup products that are available to them.

Body makeup artists may cover a set or bruises on the shin of an actress, or they may cover the freckles that show on the arms of an actress.

Whatever the “Flaw” or “Blemish” is (which may not actually be a flaw or blemish in reality) can be covered by the body makeup artist to produce the desired effects.

Body Makeup Artist performing on set

Body Makeup Artists are Game Changers

Body makeup artists are known for giving actresses glowing skin and the best tans. They often used spray tan in their arsenal of makeup to produce effects and appearances that give way to a physically fit body.

Body makeup artists are able to use tanner and other makeup products to give the appearance of muscles that are toned and fit. Shadowing and other effects can help an actor or actress to look either more physically fit or as if they weigh less than they actually do.

Body Makeup Artist Products

Body Makeup Artist Responsibilities

When discovering: What is a Body Makeup Artist, you learn the responsibilities of their role. Much like the makeup artist on set, the body makeup artist is responsible for the appearance of the skin on the actor or actresses and others involved in the film.

Body makeup artists work on areas of the body other than the face to apply many of the same makeup products that a standard makeup artist would use but they may also apply latex or other cosmetics to the body.

Body Makeup Artist Skills

Some body makeup artists also skilled in special effects makeup, and are responsible for applying physical features such as a sternum, added limbs, or other features of the body that a character may not naturally already have.

Body makeup artists cover hyperpigmentation of the skin, rosacea, freckles, or even just a bruise or scar that the producer doesn’t want seen in the final film footage

Body Makeup Artist on Set

Body Makeup Artist Skills

The body makeup artist must be creative and understand various products that can be used for full body application. They should possess strong communication skills and must be personable as they work with people all day long.

The body makeup artist often is humorous as they try to break the ice and help the actresses and actors that they work with to feel more comfortable with them.

Body Make Up Artist Skills

Additional Skills of the Body Makeup Artist Include:

-Communication skills.

-Ability to work well under pressure.

-Ability to follow directions.

-Ability to create appearances out of makeup products, like special effects makeup.

-Understanding of product ingredients and risks for allergic reaction.

-Ability to recreate looks.


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