What Do Craft Services Cost for Film & Television Production?

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What Do Craft Services Cost for Film & Television Production?

What Do Craft Services Cost for Film & Television Production? Craft services provide catering of food and drink as well as overall dietary support for your film crew, talent, and members of the production staff during a shoot.

The types of food or drink offer and frequency of style of meal distribution will play a key role in craft services cost factors as will the number of people being fed. Craft services may seem like an unnecessary or overly exaggerated expense for your video production, but it’s an important element that ensures your crew is properly fed and hydrated for the next event. But what do craft services cost?

This really depends largely on the type of food or beverage being offered, the style of meal delivery or distribution, and various other factors. In the most basic form, craft services packages can provide water, coffee, and essentials such as fruit or snacks. In the more elaborate setting, craft services may include detailed menus and meals served ala carte or as ordered by the staff members involved.

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Craft Services Costs

The amount you spend on craft services will largely depend on the size of your production and the length of the shoot. A short, half-day shoot may not require craft services at all. Likewise, a full-day shoot will almost certainly provide basic meals such as breakfast and lunch in addition to beverages throughout the day.

Craft services prices can sometimes represent an individual rate for each crew member that is fed. Some rates are as low as $10 or less per day where others are up to $125 or more per day. All craft services costs are related to the type of food offered, the frequency of meals, and various other considerations.

More menu choices will likely result in higher craft services costs. Keep this consideration in mind when you’re trying to decide between a basic craft services package that offers coffee or tea, soda or water, and basic munchies. If you can feed your crew for a fraction of the cost, WITHOUT getting hung up on things like delivery times or other expenses — do it!

Most of the time, production crews are served foods in buffet style. This saves on craft services costs and allows for that budget to be shifted into other expenses. The servers, cooks and other specialists cook, serve, and otherwise target the film crew and their empty stomachs. Keep in mind though, that craft services cost estimates are based on the type of food, offering, frequency of meat, cheese, or premium fresh fruits and lunchmeats incorporated into your production crew meal plans.

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Craft Services vs. Catering Costs

Don’t get craft services fees confused with catering costs. Catering typically covers the two meals per day, served hot, to your production crew including most departments. Craft services cover meals for the various crafts that make up your crew such as the grips, costume department, hair and makeup artists, and the lighting production crew. These are the members of the crew that most frequently are busy during normal meal times and cannot stop what they’re doing to attend the catered meal opportunity.

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Why Craft Services?

You may think you can cut back or avoid craft services expenses altogether, but that’s really not a good idea. A hungry crew will not perform well. Nor will a tired, cold, or otherwise uncared for the crew. Craft services will provide hot coffee on a cold day, cold drinks on a hot summer day, and the required calories for energy and continued interaction on the set.

DIY Craft Services?

What about cutting back the expense and serving up your own food and beverage offerings? Craft services for your cast and crew can be achieved on a low-budget if you’re willing to put forth the effort to plan, execute, and serve your crew meals. For a short production, or a smaller crew, it is possible to DIY craft services but for a crew that is larger than just a few people, it can be complex and challenging.

Still worried about craft services cost and the expenses you need to budget for to keep your cast and crew physically ready for the next shoot? Give Beverly Boy Productions a call!