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What are the Best Tools to Create an Interactive Video?

Video production is a rapidly growing task that marketers know they must become involved in if they want to excel past the competition and keep their businesses and brands ahead of the game. Learning about the various tools used to create an interactive video is step one or many steps required to effectively producing interactive video content that engages the consumer and keeps them attracted to the brand. are you wondering, “What are the best tools to create an interactive video?” We have the answers!

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1. Explain Everything

A tool that is idea for those who use Chromebook to deliver instructional content, Explain Everything features an interactive screen casting option that allows you to create unique slides that use the colors, text, and audio files or images and videos you choose to create tutorials that your audience will love. This is like having an interactive whiteboard for your business.


2. WireWax

Learning how to create an interactive video with WireWax can increase conversions by up to 9X while encouraging your audience to engage in additional content, discover new opportunities relative to your brand, or engage in immersive experiences that you create by adding clickable hotspots to your videos and tags that turn moving people or objects within the video into interactive experiences.


3. Snagit

Providing an easy to use interface that offers a simplistic way of learning to create an interactive video, Snagit allows you to edit screenshots and record individual videos that will help your audience to understand complex processes. Using Snagit you can record Skype calls or Google Hangouts conversations, produce screenshots, and later engage with or review content for future needs.


4. Adventr

An opportunity for marketers to create interactive video experiences that drive the audience down a viewer-created path in which content has been designed, distributed, and analyzed for overall interactive experience, Adventr represents one of the best tools to create an interactive video.


5. Vidzor

Figuring out how to create an interactive video experience with Vidzor is quick and easy for the marketers. This platform provides the ability to create and distribute various forms of interactive video content that will engage and convert audiences across various online platforms or channels.


6. Playposit

Featuring a number of interactive options which will allow you to add questions to your videos making them fully interactive, Playposit creates time-linked questions that appear at specific points in your video to keep students engaged and progressing throughout. Try adding images, links, and audio files into the videos to encourage interaction!


7. TouchCast

Featuring an interactive platform that allows you to create an interactive video that provides real-time compositing to allow for the embedding of various interactive features and elements into your content, TouchCast works with web pages, documents, videos and pictures. This is one of the best ways to create an interactive video that your audience will love!