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Ways a Harassment Case Studies & Training Videos Can Improve Internal Reporting Compliance

Are you looking for ways how Harassment Case Studies and Training Videos can improve internal reporting compliance? Safety compliance is a very serious issue that simply cannot be overlooked. If you’re struggling with compliance and getting your team to report internal scenarios of harassment, consider producing Harassment Case Studies. Training video concepts that focus specifically on empowering your team to overcome fear and other major challenges standing in the way of their ability to feel comfortable with reporting harassment or other workplace related safety concerns can be incredibly beneficial. In fact, Harassment Case Studies and Training Videos can directly improve internal reporting compliance among your team.

Before you can create content that is going to help your team feel more comfortable with reporting things like workplace harassment and other significant problems, you’ve got to get to the bottom of why team members might not be willing to speak up in the first place. Often, it’s the mind-sets that team members have which prevent them from voicing their concerns or specific needs in the workplace.

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At Beverly Boy Productions we work with clients to produce training videos which address many different scenarios in the workplace including the importance of proper compliance in reporting harassment. Case studies which target the importance of training workers to recognize and report harassment are integral to a business’ management and key stakeholders as they help to outline key challenges in the workplace that lead to a lack of compliance in reporting.

As a business owner, consider producing Harassment Case Studies and Training Videos that teach workers about the limiting mind-sets which could potentially be standing in their way of being compliant at work and in reporting any instances of harassment which could be occurring. Harassment Case Studies and Training Videos concepts can improve compliance through the breaking of mind-sets that are otherwise limiting professionals on your team from achieving greater success and we’re going into further detail into the specifics.

Focus on Eliminating Fear

Harassment Case Studies and Training Videos can help your team overcome fear that if they report someone they will be to blame for the situation. This happens a lot in harassment cases as well as in other forms of workplace reporting compliance such as when an injury or other incident is involved. In fact, workers often struggle with the idea of reporting something because they don’t want to be blamed for reporting the wrong types of incidents, for putting the “eyes” on their teammates, or for essentially being a tattletale.

Through video training and the use of harassment case studies which specifically target the past history of claims in the workplace, management will find any holes in their reporting compliance and may equally see the importance of reversing the negative mind-set that stands between the workers and their ability to recognize right from wrong and report it!

Prove that Safety Compliance is Everyone’s Job

A team that has a mindset which is stuck on the premise that only management or leaders should be responsible for keeping the team, the customer, and the public safe can be like a ticking time bomb. As a business owner, producing Harassment Case Studies and Training Videos topics that show the importance of all members of the team reporting on safety compliance can be a start in breaking down the walls that might otherwise prevent your team from reporting.

A case study that focuses on finding the scenarios that teammates agree on, and recognizing the risks that the team may face as a whole can mitigate any mindset that seems to be stuck on an all or nothing matter. Proving not only that harassment isn’t acceptable, but that it is everyone’s job in the workplace to recognize and report instances of harassment will help to influence a safer work environment in which those involved feel empowered to take safety compliance just as much into their own hands as the next teammate might.

Eliminate Complacency Among Subgroups

Complacency is a leading factor behind almost any lack in reporting compliance, especially where harassment is involved. Harassment Case Studies and Training Videos can eliminate complacency among employee subgroups in which there are pre-conceived notions that something “is what it is,” or that “something just takes time”. Providing video training which draws out the attention to scenarios and situations that are considered harassment and presents unique, factual cases of harassment in which compliance has been directly responsible for a positive outcome for the victim can be a profound way of proving to your workers that there are true benefits to their decisions to ensure compliance.

Workplace harassment continues to be a problem that is more prominent in some industries than others or among some groups of people more than others. As a business owner, training your team on the importance of reporting compliance, particularly where workplace related harassment is involved is not only important, but it can also mitigate potential underlying risk that you may otherwise face as a business owner should a workplace harassment case ever be brought up.

At Beverly Boy Productions, we work with business owners to produce Harassment Case Studies and Training Videos for a variety of compliance and internal reporting scenarios.

Give us a call to learn more about representing your team with quality content that serves each of your business needs.