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Top 10 Uses of Video in Healthcare Settings

The use of video in healthcare is a growing trend that more and more hospitals, doctors, and healthcare professionals are adopting. Video has great power on the internet, resulting in higher Google rankings for websites and causing increased conversions for brands. In fact, video is so useful that a single video can be recycled and repurposed several times for maximum exposure to your healthcare practice. If you’re not sure how to use video in healthcare settings, consider these top 10 use cases.

Medical Equipment

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Patient Testimonials

The patient testimonial is one of the most popular and most valuable uses of video in healthcare. Share genuine testimonials from patients to help others learn to trust in your practice.

Patient Testimony

Staff Introductions

Introducing your doctors, nurses or other staff is a great way to encourage prospective patients to become actual patients of your healthcare practice. Consider sharing interviews, bios, and key information about your staff on video.

Patient Testimonials

Patient Welcome Videos

Whether you personalize each one or just create one welcome that introduces patients to your office and provides an overview of your facility and service offerings, this type of video in healthcare represents a key opportunity to help new clients feel connected with your practice.

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Virtual Tour Videos

Healthcare practices, especially hospitals and inpatient facilities, can benefit greatly from sharing virtual tour videos with patients. Help others to see how great your office and patient rooms are before they ever walk through the doors.

virtual tour

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Home Health Care Videos

Before you send patients home, provide them with educational videos that help them to understand what is expected of them and how they can take care of themselves.

Home health care videos represent a way to use video in healthcare for improved patient health and success. By sharing a video they are more likely to remember too.

Home Health Care

Healthcare Advice

The use of video in healthcare to provide advice to patients is a great opportunity to help clients stay up to date, learn tips for wellness, and generally improve their health. These types of videos are great for your newsletter, blog, or social media profiles.

Medical Film Production

Healthcare Procedure Explainers

Explainer videos that represent healthcare procedures can help patients to ease their minds prior to a big surgery or medical appointment. Educate patients and help them to prepare for what to expect before they come in.

Medical Business Laptop

FAQ Videos

Your practice probably gets a lot of questions from patients. Including your frequently asked questions (and answers) in video format on your website and in your social media profiles is a great way to use video in healthcare to improve patient understanding of your practice.

Medical Advice

Entertain Patients in the Lobby

Whether in the lobby or waiting room, patients can get anxious or otherwise bored when they are waiting with nothing to do. Entertain patients during this time with video in healthcare that is focused on delivering information, engaging experiences, and an enjoyable visit for your patient.

Patient Waiting Room

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Promotional Videos

Whether you’re promoting upcoming events or you’re promoting products or services that are sold by your healthcare practice, promotional videos represent a great opportunity for you to use video in healthcare settings online, on television, and on social media. 

Ready to put video to use for your healthcare practice? Consider these top 10 uses of video in healthcare and then give Beverly Boy Productions a call today!  We can’t wait to help you get started.