Tips & Tricks to Creating Good eCommerce Product Videos

Tips & Tricks to Creating Good eCommerce Product Videos

eCommerce video content can be used throughout the marketing communications mix to produce greater interest in your products and increase your ROI. We’re showing you the top tips and tricks to creating good eCommerce product videos that will show your customers the benefits of purchasing from you. Follow along to learn what it takes to create the best product videos for your eCommerce site.

Highlight Features

The best eCommerce product videos take special care to show products in action and highlight the features that make a product stand out against the competition. Product videos help entrepreneurs show customers exactly what makes a product complete and how it works better than the competition products that are widely available. As you create eCommerce product videos, take care to ensure you are showing your product in an engaging way that shows features that make the product special. Your audience will be thankful and more likely to purchase from you with this information.

Increase Engagement

eCommerce videos can be used to increase engagement of your audience. As you create eCommerce video content for your products, pay attention to the various interests of your audience and deliver content to them that will engage them and get them most interest in your products. eCommerce video increases page views by as much as 127% and can be used to increase session duration on site by more than 300%. It’s a win win.

Build Confidence

Great eCommerce product videos can be used to generate stronger confidence in your brand. Consider videos that show product benefits that can’t just be spoken. If your product has the ability to pick up more dirt than the next, show it. If your product is quieter than the competition, prove it. The more you can use your eCommerce video to prove a point and build confidence in  your brand, the greater your ROI will be.

Boost Conversions

You should be creating eCommerce videos that focus on conversions. What will you show in your product videos that will keep the viewer interested and ready to convert? The call to action at the end of your eCommerce product video will make or break your conversions. Failure to include an attractive call to action will result in a lack of conversions from an otherwise well produced video. Make sure you are delivering a call to action that captivates the interest and engagement of the viewer for best results.

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