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Professional Film Production: Interview Video Shoots

The interview video is one of the simplest and yet most complex forms of film production there is and yet, we see countless brands and businesses asking for interview videos to be produced with little to no professional background or expertise involved. A key element of a professional interview video shoot is having a cinematographer with experience in Film Production. Interview video shoots require a ton of planning and work in order to establish the appropriate style, tone, and visual voice for the interview subject. Anything less simply doesn’t do justice for the interviewer, the interviewee, or the filmmaker.

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Long before an interview can take place, you need to be thinking about professional Film Production. Interview video shoots that do not immediately take into consideration the importance of professional cinematography can stand to lose a significant amount of value when the camera begins to roll. To help you understand just how important a film production interview video shoot can be, we’ve come up with several key points of interest and a list of considerations for each area of focus that you should review.

If all of this sounds like second nature, you’ll have nothing to worry about. But if it sounds like another language from a distant world, you’re probably going to need the assistance of a professional! Beverly Boy Productions can guide every aspect of professional Film Production. Interview video shots, lighting, composition, and location are just the beginning. Give us a call to learn about all the nuances that we’ll cover when filming your interview video on a professional level.

Choosing a Shoot Location

Before you consider professional Film Production, interview video shoots really need to take place in the right location. You need somewhere that will be quiet, won’t have interruptions, and will mesh well with your subject and the topic of your interview video. This location might look like an office or kitchen, it could look like a street corner, or it may look like a classroom. The location is largely going to depend on the topic of the interview, and what is readily available for the production. Just make sure that:

  • You choose a quiet location to film.
  • There are no unintended interruptions.
  • The background isn’t too busy.
  • You have properly secured any permissions to film at the location before the camera starts rolling.

Hiring a location scout is an option although it’s rarely warranted or necessary for an interview video.

Choosing a Camera Setup

Actually, before you even consider a camera setup, you need to decide on a camera to use. In fact, ideally, you’re going to choose at least two cameras for your interview video. Rarely do we see a level of professional interviewing take place with fewer than two or three cameras in place when you’re working with an expert in Film Production. Interview video shoots are simply “better” when they include multiple cameras.

The interview will almost certainly not be a scripted performance, which means you’ll need more than one camera in order to capture all that’s happening during the interview process. Ideally, you have at least one camera on the interviewer and at least one camera on the interviewee. Capturing the interview, simultaneously, from multiple camera focal points, will provide adequate edit opportunities in post-production. Just make sure that:

  • You consider stacking the cameras directly above or below each other if you’re only working with two cameras, this will help you to maintain appropriate continuity despite adjustments of focal length or frame size.
  • You plan for capturing the eye line if you decide to situation your secondary camera further off to one side or in instances in which you choose to capture the subject from another point of view.
  • You don’t ever jump the 180° line with your second camera or any subsequent camera angle that is filming.

There will be other considerations to think about with your cameras including which camera should be primary, which should be secondary, whether one should have more view time than the other, and how you will incorporate or capture b-roll, but for now the focus should be on ensuring a casual shot with whatever equipment you have.

Choose a Lighting Setup

The three-point lighting setup is most likely to be used for this style of Film Production. Interview video shoots that utilize other methods of lighting certainly do exist, but for the purpose of planning the perfect interview shoot with a minimalistic approach, key, fill and backlight are your starting points for consideration. Just keep in mind that:

  • Soft key lighting should be positioned just off camera so that the shadowed side of your interviewee’s face is visibly positioned closer to your camera.
  • Natural light, or the use of artificial light that is portraying natural light, can have a profound impact on creating a softer appearance for your subject.
  • The use of LED lighting can add variety, flexibility, and energy efficiency to your shoot.

At Beverly Boy productions, we specialize in professional Film Production. Interview video shoots produced by our team of professionals can vary in complexity and in professional outcome. Give us a call to learn all about the process or to hire our professional crew with decades of experience to film for you!