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How Do I Hire a 2D Professional Animator?

Animation projects are growing in popularity and the need for 2D animation artists continue to expand. These professionals use unique artistic capabilities to deliver two-dimensional animations, frame-by-frame, as well as both hand-drawn and computer-generated animation effects for production projects large and small. 2D animators work with both classic animation projects and in some of the more recent 3D animation projects and various computer-generated environments, but how do I hire a 2D professional animator? What skills should I look for? What questions should I ask?

These are common concerns when hiring a 2D professional animator. Of course, you want to ask appropriate questions and seek the right skill sets to ensure the success of your project.

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2D Animator Qualities

Hiring a 2D animation artist begins with your receipt of a demo reel that should showcase many of their skills and potential qualifications.

In reviewing the demo reel, you should notice the following:

  • The intention in all of the animations. A great 2D animator will show intention in all of their work. Even if a particular style is used, any potential variations should reflect the intention alterations by your animator.
  • Animation of motion. A professional 2D animation professional will have strong abilities to animate motion in a flawless manner. Most animators submit their highest quality animations that represent their ability to create smooth, seamless motion in their designs.
  • Simulated camera movements. Excellent animations showcase various camera angles, adjustments, and changes when compared to a less suitable animation studio.

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Questions to Ask Before Hiring a 2D Animation Professional

Animators come with various skill sets, values, and potential opportunities that can be incorporated into the project, but you’ve got to know what questions to ask before hiring a professional of this capacity. Before you hire a 2D animator, it’s a great idea to ask several questions that can help you to define an individual’s potential confidence prior to hiring.  Here’s what you should be asking your animation professionals prior to hiring them

  • How many animated productions have you been involved in? It’s important to hire someone that has been involved in at least several animations that are similar in size, and scope, to what your 2D animation project entails.
  • What are some artistic needs that you see for this project and how do your animation skills match up/? This is where you’re screening must deliver key understandings on your potential hire’s skill sets, strengths and weaknesses involved in the production.
  • What makes your style better than any other animator’s style for this particular production? This is where you’re looking for a candidate that is confident and that will discuss a particular style or approach and how they feel about it in correlation to your production needs. They should be confident, certain, and prepared to answer this.
  • Have you ever struggled to overcome an argument with the Director? You’re looking for an answer that helps you to see that the individual may not be perfect, and that miscommunications and misunderstandings will happen, but that they rarely result in confrontation or any form of negative publicity.
  • What are your typical working hours? 2D animators rarely work standard 9-5 hours or anything along those lines as their work is dependent upon the timelines that come up when a project is available and ready for the next steps in the production process. Make sure that you hire a candidate that works with you, and isn’t expecting just a few short hours a week as this could leave you struggling to complete projects on time.

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Still need to know how to hire a 2D animator? Give Beverly Boy Productions a call, we’ll help you out!

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