Covid Safe Video Production in St. Louis, MO

Covid Safe Video Production in St. Louis, MO

In need of Covid Safe Video Production in St. Louis, MO? The Coronavirus caused widespread safety concerns on film sets and in studios nationwide. For a while, film sets, studios, and other non-essential business operations were shut down in an effort to reduce the spread and stop the Coronavirus. Widespread changes and guidelines by the CDC as well as other film organizations and professionals would soon be put into place to ensure COVID safe video production in St. Louis, Missouri could resume in 2020.

As COVID safety procedures continue to evolve, new opportunities for us to continue producing professional video content while keeping our cast, contractors, crew, and communities healthy also arise. At Beverly Boy Productions, we take COVID safe video production in St. Louis seriously! We follow all essential guidelines to ensure the health of our community and for those working our film sets.

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COVID Safe Film Production Policies

While we follow guidelines issued by the CDC and essential film guilds such as the Cinematographer’s Guild, Beverly Boy Productions filmmakers in St. Louis also closely follow guidelines set forth by nearby filmmaking neighbors, the Kansas City Film Office

These guidelines include:

  • Maintaining social distancing standards, following distance of 6 feet or more when possible.
  • Using paperless processes and virtual meetings when possible.
  • Keeping non-essential cast, crew, and contractors safe by requiring them to work off-site, in a remote location, at home preferably.
  • Requiring that one individual always wears a mask and other protective PPE when working closely on set with another. This goes for makeup artists, hairstylists, and other crew members.
  • Offering PPE and essential protection to anyone entering the film set.
  • Regularly disinfecting the film set and other high touch and high traffic areas.
  • Sanitizing props, gear, equipment, and surfaces between each shoot.

Video Production Drop Kits

Beverly Boy Productions began delivering our video production drop kits throughout the St. Louis, Missouri Area in March of 2020. These drop kits feature professional gear that can be used in various situations including at your home or office where there are no risks for large crowds or other COVID-19 worries.

Additionally, our video production drop kits are:

  • Delivered using contactless delivery options for essential delivery without face-to-face contact.
  • Easy to use, easy to set up, and does not require an advanced understanding of video production in order to use. We’ll coordinate a drop kit that’s ready for you to use based on your needs.
  • Disinfected between uses to ensure your health and safety.

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