5 Benefits of Video Production for Retail Businesses

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5 Benefits of Video Production for Retail Businesses

Video production is nothing new to retail businesses. In fact, retail businesses have been using professional video production such as commercials for television and for their websites for several years. With more and more video forms coming into play for online marketing campaigns, there are even more benefits of video production for retail businesses than ever before. 

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These are a few of the major benefits that come from using professional video production for retail business.

1. Personalization for Customers


Retailers are finding that they can use video to create personalized campaigns that target customers. Personal video messages that are delivered to customers of your retail business can help the consumer to feel like you care deeply about them.

This trust and added sense of gratitude can lead to more than just an increase in customer satisfaction. Consumers that feel retailers are personalizing sales or promotions for them are more likely to take part in the sale. This equates to increased revenue for your brand!

2. Showing is Better than Telling

Videos can show consumers exactly what you have to offer at your retail business instead of just saying “we have great clothes” or “we have the best shoes.” With professional video production, retailers can deliver visually appealing content that shows the consumer what they have to offer without forcing them into the store for a look.

Videos showcase products much better than a flat image or just words could ever do. Videos that are created to share the product with consumers help the customer to recognize the value of the brand.

3. Increased Conversions & Sales


Professional video production can be used to create powerful videos for marketing. And, since video increases conversions and boosts sales, retail businesses that utilize professional video production services are likely to benefit from videos that outperform their other marketing content, increase the consumer decision to follow through with conversions, and generate more sales. Video production is great for increasing sales.

4. Human Element Retail Brands

Retail businesses sometimes struggle with the human element. Especially retailers that work primarily online for the distribution of their products or services. Videos can be used by retail businesses to show that they are more than just a website or more than just a retailer.

Share a video that includes “About Us” or “Team Highlights” or “Check Out Our Behind the Scenes.” These kinds of videos can help consumers to better connect with your retail brand because they allow viewers the opportunity to learn about the humans that make up the brand.

5. Explain Complex Products


Retailers, especially those that sell complex products, can benefit from video production services. Because 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual, retailers that choose to use videos to guide viewers through the most complex products can be very effective.

Consider using video manuals and video instruction guides instead of those extremely long written manuals that use a TON of paper and get extremely confusing real quick!

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