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6 Reasons to Hire a Videography Company

Although the decision to hire a videography company versus hiring a freelance videographer or a DIY cameraman to do the job is entirely up to your discretion but there are some real benefits that come from hiring a professional team to get the job done.

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Contributing factors to the hiring process

Although more and more freelance videographers with great skills are entering the market as technology improves as well as the access to 4K capably shooting devises, several factors come to mind when it comes to making a final decision on whether to hire a team or to hire solo.

Ultimately, the decision to hire a videography company versus a single freelancer is typically based on desired final project quality, timeline or deadline for completion, and budget. And, there are several reasons we can think of to hire a pro rather than hiring a freelancer.

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#1 People, Especially Professionals, can Only Wear so Many Hats

Hiring a videographer means that you need them to wear many different hats, sometimes multiple at one time. You need someone that’s creative. You need a planner. You need a lighting and sound director. You need an editor. You need a graphic artist, a color grader, and the list goes on and on.

All hands on deck

The average videographer cannot possibly wear all of those hats AND be a professional at them too! Even a great videographer cannot possibly be great at ALL of those positions.

However, a videography company that hires professionals for each of those positions can help you tremendously.

If you want professional looking videos, you need professionals to create them – and if you want multiple professionals you either hire several freelancers or you hire a videography company to do the trick.

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#2 Contracts Can be Nightmares

Okay, many freelancers won’t even have a contract, and that’s an entirely different problem that we won’t even go into. However, when you’re dealing with freelancers you’re likely to deal with multiple contracts and a lot of headaches along the way.

Further, managing them will cause equal hassle. You have to manage their time, their product, their quality, whether they are following all of your internal guidelines, whether they follow external guidelines, etc.

A videography company that takes care of you

A contract cannot possibly protect you from all of this, but at the same time, contracts are viable to help sort through some of the basics. If you don’t want to manage, and manage contracts, and deal with headaches, then you should probably look into hiring a videography company instead.

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#3 Equipment Rentals Cost a Fortune

Granted, when you hire a freelance videographer there’s a good chance that they will have equipment, but there’s an equally good chance that they won’t have all of it or that it won’t be the top of the line.

Buying your own equipment is a huge investment that most businesses are not prepared to take on unless they’re planning to ultimately have an in-house videography team working for them and that opens another can of worms—and more expenses.

Know the details

Hiring a videography company ensures that you also get a team that has their own equipment. There should be no rentals required. No hidden or added costs associated with renting or purchasing equipment to get the project done. It’s a literal Point, and Shoot, experience.


#4 Storytelling is an Art, and a Science, in One

Not all freelancers are storytellers. In fact, many freelancers are NOT storytellers at all. The same is true when you look at the average team from a videography company. Several will NOT be storytellers. But, that’s okay.

The point is, when you hire a team from a videography company you are hiring a storyteller alongside a cameraman, and a lighting crew, and a sound crew, and an editor and all the other talent you need for a professional production.

Many videography companies even have specialists that have backgrounds in storytelling for Facebook, YouTube, Websites, etc.

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#5 Creativity Can Stagnate Over Time

When you hire a freelancer to work on your projects for you there is a good chance that as time goes on the individual will run out of creative ideas or the creative energy that they get started with (If they have creative energy to begin with).

Quality work that is interesting

So the more projects that you and the freelancer work on, the less they have a creative knack to bring the project to life and make it exciting for the end viewer.

Creativity can stagnate over time and then it gets difficult to add a new light to the subject, bring something exciting and fun to the table, and produce quality work that is eternally interesting.

However, when you hire a videography company, you can rest assured that you get to work with a team that can work together to produce creative projects that are always changing.

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#6 Staying Up to Date with Trends is Tough

Freelance videographers often struggle to maintain all of the important elements of top quality video production AND the latest trends in the industry too. In fact, it’s even challenging for a small team to stay current with the latest and greatest tends and tricks of the trade.

Hiring a freelancer may leave you with outdated content that doesn’t quite mount up to the competition. However, when you hire a videography company you are hiring professionalism. You’re hiring a team that is required to stay up with the trends.

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Professional positions that bring your vision to life

It’s so much easier to do this when there are multiple professional positions within the crew. The lighting team can stay on top of lighting trends. Editors can stay abreast of editing. Sound crews can stay abreast of sound. Etc.

While you might initially think that hiring a videography company is more expensive than a freelancer, when you consider the expertise that you get and the time saving, and the professionalism, suddenly it all seems worth the added cost.

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