5 Types of Videos for Insurance Agents to Succeed Online

5 Types of Videos for Insurance Agents to Succeed Online

Video represents a growing market for insurance agents. According to recent studies, more than 52% of all insurance agencies are using Customer Testimonial videos on their websites and social feeds.

Additionally, almost 50% of agents utilize video content to explain things like coverage levels and services or products offered by their firm. This proves that at least half of all insurance agents recognize the importance of video and believe in it. If you’re one that knows video is vital, consider these 5 types of videos for insurance agents to help you succeed online.

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1. Customer Testimonial Videos

Customer testimonial videos for life insurance agents can help to showcase your specialty in a particular service or program that other agents may not provide.

Expertise and commitment to your clients are vital in this practice, and when you have customer testimonials proving your expertise and commitment to your audience you win. Just make sure that the testimonial videos for life insurance agents that you post are under 1 minute and reflect real-life views from customers.

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2. Niche Related Topical Coverage Videos

The use of niche related topical coverage videos for life insurance agents can boost website traffic, and build a strong reputation online with consumers for your brand or practice as an industry-leading professional.

Consider the use of niche related videos that help clients to understand their coverages, the value of the insurance you offer, and the appropriate steps that they should take when purchasing life insurance. These types of videos are great for your website and to use on social media as well as in email outreach campaigns.


3. Social Teaser Videos

Does your life insurance agency provide a special service or are you offering an upcoming discount on specialty products offered by your agency?

Social teaser videos that are literally 30-seconds or less are a great way to generate interest in your campaigns and boost the bottom line for your other marketing initiatives. Consider producing short, informative, engaging social teaser videos for insurance agents that are offering upcoming sales or events to consumers.

4. Meet the Agent Videos

Sharing videos for insurance agents that focus on showcasing the actual agent and what makes him or her personable and great to work with will help you to build prospective clients and generate stronger trust in the services you offer.

Consider sharing meet the agent videos on your website staff pages as well as on your email campaigns to help prospective clients get to know you and feel comfortable with seeking products or services from you.

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5. Personalized Video Campaigns

The use of personalized videos for insurance agents represents a way of closing the deal. These short, personalized features can be used in emails to help consumers feel like you singled them out and took time to focus on their needs (remember it’s all about reminding your audience that you care).

Share personalized videos that represent your insurance agency to consumers at the final stages of the funnel or after they have made a purchase to show that you appreciate their business.

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