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5 Ways a Corporate Video Library Can Improve Sales 

Video is an becoming a more widely-accepted form of marketing that is being used by sales teams and business professionals worldwide. Frequently called upon for everything from sales team training and lead prospecting to deep funnel marketing and sales consultations, video is an incredibly powerful sales tool. But did you know that the use of a corporate video library could actually help you to improve your sales conversions and efficiencies?

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Let’s Define It 

A corporate video library, which is a collection of your corporate videos that you own and operate, can help you improve your sales and the conversions that you achieve. Here’s how:

1. Personalize Outbound Sales Campaigns

You already send customers to your videos to see more information about your products or services, but what if you could share video testimonials, product promotions, and other relevant content from a single location? What if you could personalize outbound sales campaigns for your audience and dedicate relevant video content to their views? Imagine the value that comes from a corporate video library of this magnitude.

2. Target Unique Prospects

In marketing we know the value of targeting individual campaign level prospects with video content that will connect with a particular audience, but what about in sales? The use of a corporate video library to target individual verticals or unique sales prospects to connect with the most relevant video content can greatly improve sales. This is another powerful benefit to incorporating all of your videos into a corporate video library.

3. New Rep Training and Onboarding Efficiencies

Want to increase sales? How about increasing the efficiency of your newest reps? A corporate video library allows you to onboard new sales reps quickly and efficiently so that they can start to entertain customers right away and bring on more sales for your brand. Using a corporate video library to properly sequence and deliver your sales onboarding videos allows you to improve independent customer relationships with your new reps from the very beginning for maximum sales conversions.

4. Inspire Sales Teams for Success

A corporate video library allows you to keep track of all of your sales and promotional video content in a single location, but that’s not how you generate more sales! It’s through the inspiration that you can deliver to your sales team by providing all the best sales video demonstrations and marketing offerings in a single place for your team to utilize that conversions grow. In fact, the best corporate video libraries can help sales teams and consultants thrive.

5. Team Coaching

If you really want to boost sales, you should incorporate a corporate video library into your day-to-day operations to create an efficient and effective training library that your sales team can utilize for success. Whether you’re creating a playlist of the most engaging videos of the year or you’re pitching a new sales team with the funniest marketing videos from your team of all time, the use of a corporate video library presents a powerful tool for you and your team to work together, learn new techniques and grow the sales that take place for your brand–it’s well worth the effort!