8 Questions to Ask Before Live Streaming a London Event

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Live streaming an event is a helpful option for those who want to appeal to audiences who may not be able to go to an event for various reasons. Whether you have a small event venue or you are located in a distant location, there are oftentimes where everyone who wants to attend an event may not be able to. So, consider these following 8 questions before live streaming a London event to ensure that everything is in place for success: 

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These questions can help you to know if you are working with the best production company for the job. You don’t want to commit to working with someone only to find out how subpar their services are. Always choose quality work and take the time to ensure you’re getting the answers you need, so you can “rest easy” knowing you are working with the best team for the job. Consider the following:  

1. Are you ready for live streaming projects? 

Live streaming (in comparison to other production services) is relatively new so not every video production company will know how to deliver the best in production. If in doubt, ask! Ask the company you’re interested in working with if they have the experience and resources for live streaming services or not. 

Cape Town web livestreaming crew

2. Can you stream with the platform we have in mind?

Some live streaming professionals only allow streaming with a specific platform that they may have a contract with. So, if you’d like to stream on YouTube or Facebook Live, or via a custom server, you’ll need to make sure that the production crew can make it happen for live streaming a London event on the platform of your choosing. 

Cape Town live video streaming

3. Will you provide technical support throughout the project?

If you’ve never done any live streaming events in the Peckham Rye area or Camden Town, you will most likely need some help for your event, wherever you hope to stream it. Even if you’ve had live stream projects in the past, there may still be some hiccups that you’d want technical support for. Ask the crew you’ll be working with if they have the expertise needed to provide tech support in real time, so that your live stream is 100% successful without any down time.  

Dublin live streaming team

4. Will you handle the live stream side of things during the event?

If you’re holding a live event during the pleasant summers or even cold winters of London, you’re most likely pretty busy with the ins and outs of your project. This is when it’s a good idea to ask the production company if they can help you take care of the live stream while you’re handling other aspects or if this is something you’ll need to take care of. 

Dublin live event streaming

5. Is a solid internet connection required or does 4G work?

In places where WiFi is not an option, you’ll want to know what you need in terms of internet to ensure a successful project that you can share with your external audience. Talk about these things with your crew before the event to make sure there are no connectivity issues when the live stream is ready to be shared. 

6. Do you have reliable equipment for broadcasting?

You’re paying good money for a pro to take care of live streaming a London event for you so it goes without saying that they should be using top-of-the-line gear and if they don’t have it, it’s best not to hire them. Make sure to check in with them regarding the type of equipment they use. 

Setting up live streaming gear in Dubai

7. How many cameras are needed for the live stream?

This question helps you know if your end video will be the quality you’re hoping for to share with your audience. Numerous cameras with gear to switch between views in real time helps to provide a captivating viewing experience for your audience. Should one camera go down, there will be more to use for your project needs. 

Dubai live streaming cameras

8. Can text graphics be a part of the overlay?

If you want to know if you can use graphics to promote your brand or share information in the live stream, ask the video production company if they have the gear and knowledge to incorporate the graphics you have in mind. This is also the time to ask about sharing PowerPoint presentations in your event. You’ll want to discuss details in depth during this time so you don’t come up short with what you want because the company isn’t as prepared as you need them to be. 

Beverly Boy Productions is a company providing top-notch live-streaming production services for both large and small events, so give us a call today if you need live streaming for a London event. We’d love to discuss your vision! 


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