Where to Submit TV Pilot Scripts

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Where to Submit TV Pilot Scripts

As an aspiring screenwriter, you’ve likely got your hands dirty with some spec scripts for practice and you’ve probably got some TV pilot scripts too. If you’ve managed to finish a TV pilot script, congratulations! Now, figuring out where to submit TV pilot scripts that you’ve managed to write is the next big task. After you’re done writing, what are you supposed to do with the script? Where should you submit it?

Certainly you must know that your pilot script isn’t going to sell itself. Keeping it stored in some hidden folder on your computer isn’t going to get you very far nor is it going to create any sort of a name for you in the industry. So, if you’re trying to decide where to submit your TV pilot scripts or what to do with them, this is the post for you!


First things first, if you actually want to sell your TV pilot scripts then you’ve got to think like a producer. You’ve been thinking like a writer all this time, but now it’s time to change hats. Put on your Producer’s hat and change the way you’re approaching the task at hand. Producers have a unique view of the industry and the elements within a film that will lead to audience interest. You need to think about what it is in your pilot script that is going to attract audience interest – and you need to pitch those details to Producers if you want to sell your script.

Producers are going to focus on identifying the elements of your script that will actually attract an audience. What is it about your script that goes beyond the basic creative process to exercise an entirely unique, simple, and yet incredibly significant idea which taps into the underlying flaws of society without projecting story components that have already been played out time and again?

What is it about your TV pilot that a producer can’t afford to ignore? Find this element, and pitch it to a Producer and you will sell your pilot!


A number of TV pilot screenplay contests come up each year. If you’ve recently finished writing a TV pilot and you’re trying to figure out where to submit the TV pilot script, consider contests that might be accepting submissions at this time. There could be just a few, or many, depending on the season. Most contexts will allow submissions as long as:

You have not previously submitted the script before.
The script is 1-2 years old at most.
The script has not already been screened elsewhere.

Make sure you review the terms of the contest before submitting and only submit to contests that are valid. You certainly don’t want to risk submitting your pilot to a shady contest. It’s also important to copyright your script before you submit – just in case!


Film festivals, particularly the TV Screenplay Festival, as well as various others may be willing to accept your TV pilot script submissions. To find festivals in your area and learn about the terms for submitting your scripts, all you have to do is search online or visit your local film unions or guilds for information on film festivals that might be coming up in the area. Submitting your TV pilot script to various film festivals that will accept your submission can be an excellent way of getting your script in front of a wider audience of industry professionals and potentially getting the film screened.


Not all production studios or television channels will accept unsolicited television pilot scripts, but there are ways to get around this. Naturally, you can attempt to submit your TV pilot scripts initially on your own to see what happens. There’s a chance that someone will accept it and read it, but more than likely not.

You’re likely to have more luck if you submit either to studios that have open calls for pilots or to studios that you’ve got a relationship with. If you don’t have a relationship with someone at the studio, consider taking some time to network before you send blind submissions. Networking should be a key element of your day-to-day life. Whether it’s simply reaching out to producers to spark up a conversation or your just spending some time interacting with other industry professionals including agents, reps, and production companies the stronger relationships you build in the industry, the greater your chances will be of getting your foot in the door and having your pilot read at some of the bigger brand studios along the way.


Okay, you’re probably wondering, “Where else can I submit my TV pilot script?” There are really endless opportunities. Once you’ve registered your script with the WGA and the United States Copyright Library you can begin to share your work all around. Submissions to:

Virtual Pitch Fest
The Black List
Warner Bros Workshop
BBC Writer’s Room
Nicholl Fellowship

Any and all of these are potentially great opportunities for you to submit. So the next time you’re wondering where to submit TV pilot scripts that you’ve recently finished writing, check this list and make sure you’re submitting to the most appropriate opportunities for your pilot.