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Video Production for the Retirement Community Industry in New York

The retirement community industry generates over $75 billion with employment of over 1,000,000 personnel. Now, with the expected economic recovery post-COVID 19, retirement communities are set to increase the number of residents. Deciding on an effective marketing campaign is a challenge for businesses in this industry, but our team is here to help you succeed and outrank local competition. Video Production for the Retirement Community Industry in New York City is the best marketing service that can broaden the audience for the 50,000+ nursing homes across the U.S. We also service caregiving homes in nearby cities like Jersey City (NJ), Hoboken (NJ), Weehawken (NJ), and Union City (NJ).

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Video production is an effective marketing strategy for retirement communities. It allows you to attract families to bring in their loved ones who desire reliable patient care. At Beverly Boy Productions, we work with New York retirement homes to produce powerful promotional videos, care-giver interview videos, and resident testimonials. Through video production, our team shows the world how the aged can enjoy their golden years and the impact you have on families. This, in turn, engages your audience and increases the number of residents in your retirement community.

Promotional Videos for the Retirement Community Industry

Highlighting your retirement community can draw in new residents. Promotional videos help your senior home to gain trust from families seeking a retirement community for their loved ones; these videos are also great at reassuring current residents about your care services. Promotional Video Production for the Retirement Community Industry in New York City makes it easier to reach prospective residents and families who will likely approach your company to acquire your senior home care services.


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Short promotional videos for retirement communities are an easy way to introduce your senior services to a specific target audience. While they tend to work for TV, most companies share their promotional videos across online platforms. These videos can be uploaded on your business website, social media pages, email campaigns, and YouTube channels where your audience is expected to utilize most of their time online. The average internet user spends nearly two and a half hours on social media, this is expected to increase over time. A short and effective promotional video on your social media pages and website could invite new residents, increase motivation for caregivers, and efficiently showcase your company to the world. Our video services are also available in neighboring counties like Richmond County (Staten Island), Bronx County (The Bronx), Kings County (Brooklyn), and Queens County (Queens).

Marketing Videos for the Retirement Community Industry

Video Production for the Retirement Community Industry in New York City is as important for companies in this space, just like businesses in other industries. With over 82% of the internet consisting of video content, this makes it crucial for your company to use this as a beneficial tool.

Depending on whether you’re a continuing care community, a nursing home, a village, or any other senior living service, video marketing is the best marketing strategy you could use to help you achieve your goals. Videos help to show the care and love given to the aged in your company and help families find your business. Below are some of the many benefits of video marketing:

● Spreading the word about their business, brand, products, or services
● Establishes the business as an authority in the retirement community industry
● Increases brand authenticity, building trust and credibility with clients
● Influences buying decisions (90% of customers say a video helps them make a buying decision, according to Forbes)

Video marketing offers a unique way to build trust with your audience, inform potential residents on the latest developments in your facility, and share your senior living services across any platform, from YouTube to your website.

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Effective marketing of video Production for the Retirement Community Industry in New York City will help families who are in search of a trusting community to bring in their elder members to reside in your retirement homes. Our team will work to produce a professional marketing video that is successful for your retirement community and will help bring in new families as well as retain the elderly residents you already have within your retirement community.

This type of advertising will also further showcase the type of retirement community and senior living options which include:

Age-restricted communities
Independent Living
Continuing Care
Assisted Living
Nursing Homes and Skilled Nursing Facilities
Continuing care
Convalescent home
Convalescent hospital
Old folks’ home
Retirement facility

Training Videos for the Retirement Community Industry

Training in the retirement community industry is important if you want to ensure the residents in your community are well catered for. New senior care professionals require proper training to provide the best care and services to the elderly. Caregiving is a continuous learning process. Our team can create highly informative and engaging personalized training videos that get rid of problems of traditional in-person training. This allows the community owners and investors to save time and money while improving professionalism for their senior care professionals.

Indeed, training videos:
● Have a higher overall employee watch rate; employees are 75% more likely to engage in video training than they would with manual training
● Have greater flexibility; an estimated 42% of employees prefer the flexibility of video over other forms of communication and training such as scheduled in-person training or written manuals
● Have a higher retention rate; people recall upwards of 90% of what they see in a video compared to about 20% of what they read
● Will make employee training more effective while reducing training costs; each video can be used over and over again, and improved comprehension makes videos 83% more effective

Videos are the easiest and most accessible ways to engage your senior care professionals while keeping learning continuous in your community.

Training Video Production for the Retirement Community Industry in New York City will help guide prospective senior care professionals to which type of senior care facility options that they may be interested to advance in, which include:

Independent Living
Residential Care Homes
Respite Services
Assisted Living
Memory Care
Skilled Nursing
Retirement Community

Interview Videos for the Retirement Community Industry

You are prone to think of applying for a job when you think of “interview videos,” but interview videos for the retirement community industry are inclusive of other types of videos. Expert interview videos for retirement communities are videos that share the attitude of caregivers when handling the elderly. And customer interviews share the experiences of residents and families who have resided or are currently staying at your community residence. Contact us if you also require reliable video services in 10001, 10002, 10009,10016, or 10017.

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Both of these videos can build instant trust for your services. They can also be used to help prospective residents understand why they should rely on your retirement community, and in the long run, choose your company. In customer interviews, the professional care providers share their perspectives as well as a point of view that will make residents build a connection with your facility or caregiving home. Whether you want to share your company’s leadership or what your residents have to say about your services, interview Video Production for the Retirement Community Industry in New York City is an effective way to help your senior care facility be an eyed option for families.