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What’s Included in a Movie Marketing Budget?

A budget will typically include all potential costs incurred for the task at hand. A movie marketing budget represents a major element of the costs involved in your production and the distribution of your upcoming film, but what’s included in a movie marketing budget and, more importantly, where is the money best spent? This question comes up a lot for new filmmakers.

A movie marketing budget is typically created separately from the film budget which includes pre-production, shooting, and post-production costs. The movie marketing budget includes expenses incurred in the marketing, advertising, and promotion of a new film. Distribution costs may also be included, but these would cross with the distribution costs budgeted in the post-production expenses of the film budget itself.

Television Advertising


The use of television commercials regularly equates to much of the movie marketing budget. A full feature film will typically have several television commercials that play to help consumer audiences become acquainted with the film and to create the teaser experience that builds up the desire to see the film. Television advertising costs typically account for nearly ⅔ of the total movie marketing budget. Romance films and comedies as well as horror films see significant value in television advertising.

Outdoor Advertising


Outdoor advertising includes the creation of movie posters and ads that are seen on billboards, in train stations, on busses, and in other areas. Outdoor advertising is the second-largest portion of the movie marketing budget typically accounting for about 28% of the total expense according to a 2018 report. Fantasy and sci-fi films do well with this type of outdoor promotion.

Press Advertising


The use of press advertising includes announcing the movie in newspapers and magazines. Press ads make up substantially less of the total movie marketing budget but they cannot be counted out. Most movie marketing budgets include about 5% for press advertising but this number fluctuates and while it is still important, is expected to shrink a bit more as more seek the online advertising market.

Radio Advertising


Radio advertising for new full feature movies makes up just 3% of the budget and in some cases less. The use of radio adverts can be costly and has limited spread. Horror films tend to spend the most on radio advertising followed by comedy films.

Online Advertising


Online advertising is quickly gaining ground and making up a large portion of the movie marketing budget. Online advertising includes the use of the internet to promote the movie. Things like the creation of a website, movie trailer for YouTube, and social media advertising are all included in this expense. Online advertising may also include banner ads promoted on other websites as well as site takeovers. This is a highly lucrative form of promotion for movies that is quickly making up a larger portion of the total budget as time goes on.

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