What to Include in a TV Commercial Production Budget Template

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What to Include in a TV Commercial Production Budget Template

Budgeting a production for television is a time consuming, intricate process. Knowing what to include in a TV commercial production budget template is half the battle, then you’ve got to fill in all of those blanks too! At Beverly Boy Productions, we’re all about helping others out, that’s why we’ve put together this list of what to include in a TV commercial production budget template and we’ve curated several free production budget templates for you to download and use in your pre-production planning. 

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Budgeting & Scheduling

Two of the primary goals of the TV commercial production budget template are to have a basis upon which you can plan both your budgeting and your scheduling, in a single document. The concept is simple: Before production can be executed, budgeting and planning must take place. The entire process requires advanced thought processes and an accurate understanding of how to project budgets for TV commercial production. 

BBP FIlm Crew

The budget template must include the following elements:

● Above the Line Expenses

● Below the Line Expenses

● Total fees

● Rates

● Variances

● Pre-production development

● Production staffing

● Budget for Rights, Music, and Talent

● Crew & Personnel Expenses

● Travel Expenses

● Post-Production expenses

● Insurance costs

● Office Fees

TV Commercial Production Budget Templates

Now that you know what to include in a TV Commercial production budget template, let’s take a look at some free budget templates that you can download and alter for your own professional use:

●    Advanced Production Budget Template with Incurred Expenses

●    Production Budget Template Example with Categories

●    Simple Commercial Production Budget Template for Approval

●    Budget and Financial Template for Full Film

Who Develops the TV Commercial Budget?

The TV commercial budget template is to be filled out and prepared by a professional with an expert level understanding of the production project and budgeting. This individual is generally the Director or the Director of Photography but it may also be produced by the Producer. 

Before a budget template can be established, the individual managing the budget must have a clear idea, or vision, for what the project should be like. This information becomes the basis for establishing the various elements within the budget including the expected investment and next level approaches to determining how much money will be required for the production.

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