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What Does a Sample Documentary Film Budget Look Like?

What Does a Sample Documentary Film Budget Look Like? Budgeting for a documentary film can be time-consuming, challenging, and downright exhausting. Of course, filmmakers know the importance of diving into the production process and the financials involved to ensure appropriate acceptance and understanding of the budget, but they also want o get deeply immersed in the creative realm of documentary film production an not really lose their focus on what matters most — the pursuit of a film that will captivate the audience.

A sample documentary film budget will surely reflect the various expenses involved in producing a documentary film including production, post-production, and various other tasks, but what does the budget look like?

Hat’s off to the filmmaker and the individual involved in creating the budget — because this is where business shines! No matter if the documentary is being produced by a studio, freelancers, stand-alone filmmakers, or someone entirely different, a sample documentary film budget will help your film and the business involved to get noticed!

Documentary Film Budget Items

So what’s included in the Documentary film budget sample? That’s a great question! Most of the time a documentary film budget will include the following:

  • The total budget or estimated expenses — this is something that ALL budgets should include.
  • The presence or plan of any underlying fundraising or negotiations for investments.
  • Appropriate budget levels for professional production, filmmaker rates, and potential costs involved in production — DO NOT LEAVE ANYTHING OUT!

A documentary film budget is something that will vary widely based on who writes the budget, who is involved in the production of the budget, and various other factors. There’s really no right or wrong answer to the budget, but there are plenty of tidbits of information involved that can alter the assumption of the budgeting process.


A sample documentary budget includes Software, a top sheet, and the various details to support the creative concept. Need more information? Give Beverly Boy Productions a call today!